Cowardice, shamelessness and ignorance define FanFest

Rosia Montana, 19 August 2012 – Some tens of ungodly youngsters disturbed the holy Sunday service of a traditional rural community, alarming the parishioners with drum beats, cries and insults to the people.


A young pair had the misfortune to plan their wedding day on the last day of FanFest, wanting nothing but a beautiful and happy day. Unfortunately, however, the activists hindered the wedding entourage from reaching the festivity room, in an incredible access of lack of common sense. Is this how these youngsters want to rescue the community?!?


Without speaking with the locals, without knowing their problems and without understanding them, the hippies from Fanfest prove they are coward, ignorant and uncaring. If they only came to drink, have fun “with the gang”, we invite them to do this anywhere else, not in our commune.
Lucian Blaga, the great poet born near these places, said “eternity was born in the village”. With such manifestations, the very eternity is endangered.


For many years, the participants in a so-called cultural festival ruin the tranquility of a village, where the locals do not recognize and accept them.


We ask the activists to go back to where they came from and never look back! Rosia Montana doesn’t want them! Leave us with our worries, with our poverty, as well as our tranquility and hope that mining will be resumed and we will have again a secured future and permanent jobs. What have all these “rescuers” done for us? They insulted us in our homeland, walked around naked on our streets, consumed drugs and alcohol, wrote offences in churches, they turned Rosia Montana into a cheap fair. If our ancestors saw how Rosia Montana looks like these days, they would die with shame!
Rosia Montana demands its right to decency, tranquility and mining!
Cristian Albu,

Future of Mining Trade Union

Rosia Montana


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