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October 7, 2022

Crucial decision on Traian Basescu’s dismissal due today

On the eve of the meeting of the Constitutional Court, the Cabinet sent the data on the number of voters registered in Romania and abroad. Based on the data collected by the Interior and Foreign Ministries, 34,654 Romanians will be eliminated from voters lists, 512,379 have expired IDs and 3,052,397 live abroad.

Premier Victor Ponta revealed last evening the data received from the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MAI) and Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MAE) in what concerns the situation of Romanians with the right to vote living in the country and abroad. The data was sent to the Constitutional Court (CC which is due to decide today whether the July 29 impeachment referendum is valid or not. The Premier pointed out that the document sent to the CC includes the data tallied by the two institutions, not the permanent lists of voters, adding that the lists are in the possession of the prosecutor’s office being “the subject of investigations in a criminal case.” At the same time, he pointed out that the government did not update the lists as PDL representatives are incorrectly claiming, stating that the government does not have that right. According to Ponta, 34,654 persons will be struck from the permanent lists of voters used in the referendum, 26,066 persons included on the lists being deceased, 4,465 being Romanians living abroad and 3,414 having lost their right to vote. Likewise, according to the same data, 129 persons have psychiatric problems and 369 persons should have incorrect Personal Numeric Codes. At the same time, 512,379 persons have expired IDs and they failed to renew them by July 29, the Prime Minister added.In what concerns the data sent by the MAE based on official information offered by 17 countries, Ponta stated that the total number of Romanians “with a legal right to reside abroad” stands at 3,052,397. Of those, 1,101,809 persons are of voting age and have the legal right of residence. Another 1,148,000 persons have the legal right to reside in 27 other countries. “From the first 17 countries we received data on voting-age citizens. In the others under-age persons are included too. Another 482,000 Romanians have the legal right of residence in another 44 states but these are evaluations made in the absence of official communiqués or that include incomplete data. 469,000 of the 3 million are Romanian citizens who reside abroad however the data received from other states does not point out how many of them are of voting age and how many are under-age. The head of the Constitutional Court refused to comment the information revealed by the PM. “We will sort out all things tomorrow”, he said.

Statistics head says there are 19 million Romanians

Prior to the statement, National Statistics Institute (INS) President Vergil Voineagu announced that Romania’s resident population stands at 19,043,767. The figure was obtained by processing 36,809,562 census forms, representing approximately 48 per cent of the total. According to Voineagu, INS did not manage to take the census of 2.8 per cent of the population, namely of approximately one million persons. He pointed out that in this case the data will be obtained through relevant institutions. Voineagu underlined however that this data has nothing to do with the electoral process, “with validating or invalidating the referendum,” specially capacitated institutions existing for the compiling of voters lists. The INS President added that “there might or might not be differences” between the preliminary census results and the final results that will be announced in the second half of next year. Yesterday’s meeting of the Central Census Commission was convened by the INS at the request of Interior Minister Mircea Dusa who is the chairman of the Commission.

We will respect CCR’s decision on referendum, PM says

Premier Victor Ponta stated yesterday after the Social Liberal Union’s (USL) meeting that the Social Democrat Party (PSD) and the National Liberal Party (PNL) will respect the decision that the Constitutional Court (CC) will take today in what concerns the July 29 impeachment referendum, but only on condition six of the nine judges decide that the referendum is not valid. He pointed out that he will not speculate on a possible decision taken by the CC with five votes against four, pointing out that he is convinced that the Court will take a lawful decision by respecting the voter turnout threshold condition. According to the Premier, law 370/2004 is to be applied when it comes to citizens whose IDs expired, as pointed out by the CC. The law stipulates that the permanent lists of voters have to include the series and numbers of the voters’ IDs. Thus, the government will give the Court all figures concerning the expired IDs. After the USL meeting, the Premier went to the government headquarters where, according to official sources quoted by Mediafax, he allegedly held talks with Lower Chamber Speaker Valeriu Zgonea and Ministers Mircea Dusa and Radu Stroe. According to the aforementioned sources, the talks centred on the data that were about to be sent to the CC. Prior to the USL meeting Ponta had stated that the data collected by the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MAI) and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MAE) were sent yesterday to the CC and were about to be made public after they reached the Court. At the same time, the Premier guaranteed that the figures are neither made-up nor calculated by USL. “These are figures based strictly on documents, precisely as the Court asked. We will put at its disposal figures based on internal and external documents. Apart from that, the Court will decide. What it will decide, what part of these figures it will take into account, that I cannot tell you,” Ponta pointed out.PSD secretary general Liviu Dragnea stated ahead of the USL meeting that in his opinion the MAI data “that will surface” will show that had the CC taken a different decision concerning the referendum we would have witnessed “the biggest fraud in world history” when it comes to elections. Delegated Minister for Administration Radu Stroe stated in his turn that the MAI has the figures that resulted from the data tallied, data on Romanians living and working abroad being awaited from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.



Basescu: Removing Romanians who live abroad or have expired IDs from permanent lists is illegal

Suspended president Traian basescu stated that it is illegal to remove from permanent lists the Romanians that live abroad or whose IDs have expired. “The lists are compiled on the basis of residence. You know what that tells me? I’d ask them if they have two and a half million Romanians living abroad and they illegally consider that they should not be included on the permanent lists here, why did they send only 500,000 ballots abroad” Basescu stated, being quoted by Mediafax. However, according to an executive decree of Boc Cabinet amending the Law for the election of the President (95/2009), the permanent voters’ lists are defined as the lists including the Romanian citizens with the permanent residence in Romania. PDL MEP Monica Macovei wrote on her blog that the lists should be updated only in localities in which the process was not done until July 10. “Any changes made to voters lists by authorities that already sent the updates to the MAI by July 10 are illegal, represent felony and run against the Constitutional Court decision issued on August 14,” Macovei wrote. Also yesterday, PDL asked USL, through First Vice President Cezar Preda, to give up any means with which it could try to postpone a CC decision on the referendum and pointed out that the Democrat-Liberals will not allow USL representatives “to cheat or to spread confusion in the citizens’ minds.”

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