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September 24, 2021

Ponta calls prosecutors’ abuses a coup d’etat

Danilet warned to stop threatening people.

Premier and interim Justice Minister Victor Ponta talked about the prosecutors’ abuses against voters, labeling them as a coup d’etat. He stated that the attempt is made to change the result of the referendum through “repressive authorities.” “From my point of view, as a leader of the Social-Liberal Union (USL), the most important thing we have to do is to protect the people that are today subjected by prosecutors and by the Democrat-Liberal Party (PDL) leaders to obvious abuses for the simple fact that they exercised their constitutional right to vote,” Ponta said.At the same time, the Premier issued a warning for Judge Cristian Danilet, member of the Superior Council of Magistracy (CSM), asking him to stop threatening people, journalists, analysts and politicians. Ponta stated that Danilet is a friend of PDL MEP and former Justice Minister Monica Macovei. Moreover, he stated that Danilet’s threats leave him unmoved and he does not understand why a CSM member is preoccupied with political debates.“I hope things will return to normal and I hope those judges – Mr. Danilet and someone else from the CSM – will stop getting involved in politics because that runs against their statute. They shouldn’t get involved in politics and they should keep their opinions, which are more than favorable of the Stalinist system promoted by Mrs. Macovei, private,” Ponta stated. In the same context, the Premier considers that the members of CSM get involved in politics because they are forced by the fact that they do not receive their salaries. Judge Cristi Danilet, a member of CSM, had written on his personal blog, referring to the investigations into the way the referendum took place, that “who attacks prosecutors risks jail time,” telling those that “instigate public revolts against magistrates” to read the Penal Code. The Superior Council of Magistracy (CSM) notified the Judiciary Inspectorate on Thursday about the public statements made by interim president Crin Antonescu, PSD honorary president Ion Iliescu and Premier Victor Ponta.

USL to file criminal complaints against PDL leadersPonta also announced USL’s decision to file, through its county branches, thousands of criminal complaints against central and local PDL leaders that violated the referendum law by hindering, “through any means,” citizens from voting. He stated that, given the fact that 8.5 million people cast their votes in the referendum and 7.5 million of them opted to impeach Traian Basescu, one cannot change the citizens’ vote through “repressive actions” unless one commits “a coup d’etat.” The interim Justice Minister pointed out that USL wants to see whether, given the fact that hundreds of prosecutors have started investigations against the people without being notified, they will impartially apply the same standard and will investigate the PDL leaders who committed felony by flagrantly violating law 3/2000 by stopping people from casting their votes. He pointed out that the first to commit that felony was suspended president Traian Basescu. In other developments, a growing number of people have started to denounce themselves at the prosecutor’s offices for voting at the referendum. An impressive case was that of Major (ret.) Mitroi Gabriel. The man went to the prosecutor’s office in crutches and denounced himself for persuading his wife to vote in the referendum.

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