“Romania isn’t heading down the right track”

The political analyst Bogdan Teodorescu says Romania took the wrong track after the referendum invalidation.

In an interview with “Jurnalul national”, political analyst and university prof. Bogdan Teodorescu said that the Constitutional Court’s decision <to invalidate the referendum on the dismissal of president Traian Basescu> leads Romania on the wrong track, adding that he doesn’t believe Traian Basescu either wants or is able to cohabitate with anybody. Teodorescu labeled the current situation in this country as a “blast danger” and went on saying that Romania would have looked a lot different had Adrian Nastase been elected president in 2004. “The pattern brought by Traian Basescu is the most noxious phenomenon this country could face,” the political analyst explained. Teodorescu also mentioned the recent scene with prosecutors going into churches to investigate the people who voted against Traian Basescu. “This scene is revelatory, and the disappointment is that there are enough citizens who believe this is normal to happen. The state created by Traian Basescu is a rapacious one, which gobbles the prosperity of the money, while offering it to his clique, but also the existence of his opponents. The recent denying of the vote, followed by its condemnation and punishment is the apotheosis of this vision on politics,” Bogdan Teodorescu also said. Asked what should have been the event he expected, yet didn’t come, Bogdan Teodorescu answered that, aside from the Basescu era being interrupted or coming to an end, he would very much like to witness a moment of greatness generated by Romanians or Romania. “I believe we need a huge need of successes, performance and integrative values”. Referring to the new generation of politicians, Teodorescu believes that, given its education and development after the Revolution – isn’t marked by communist shortcomings and began imposing a pace of its own. “However, for now, politics is still made according to the old pattern. The elected president of Romania is a former beneficiary of the communist regime with ties yet to be clarified with the former State Securitate structures and methods derived from the experience gained during those years,” concluded Bogdan Teodorescu.

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