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June 13, 2021

Laszlo Borbely: Politicians must speak up about the abuses of justice

While attending the Pe­ninsula Festival of Targu Mures, the political vice-president of UDMR, Laszlo Borbely said Friday that Romanian politicians must speak up about the “abuses” of justice, despite the recommendation of European Commissioner Viviane Reding that politicians should refrain from commenting the decisions of justice.
He referred to the retrocession of the ‘Szeckely Mik’ College of Sfantu Gheorghe, saying that state secretary Marko Attila, Marosan Tamas and Silviu Clim acted correctly. “They retroceded on legal grounds, under a Government Decision, in the year 2000, an emblematic building of the Reformed Church and were received in return, from the Romanian justice, three years in prison, without possibility of parole, and Mr. Clim three years – paroled. (…) Put you in the place of a dignitary that is sent to prison,” Borbely said.
In his opinion, there is a “dangerous precedent” in the fact that, “in 2012, the Romanian justice re-nationalises a building of the Reformed Church, which belonged to the Reformed Church, and sentences three people to jail,” only because prosecutors claimed that the respective building was also built with money contributed by the population, and not only by the Church.
Speaking about the same retrocession of the ‘Szekely Miko’ College, UDMR President Kelemen Hunor said during the Peninsula Festival that he expects 20,000 protesters to participate the rally set for September 1, against the sentence. He added that the decision of the court in this case is against both the Hungarian minority and the right to property. He added that he feels that “the wheel of history started to turn the opposite way” and rejected the idea that the Sfantu Gheorghe protest is an electoral campaign rally. According to Hunor, this has everything to do with the right to property and the enactment of laws voted by the Parliament, as even judges can make mistakes, and an injustice has been committed in the case of the retrocession of the ‘Szekely Miko’ College.
On September 1 the Hungarian historic churches of Transylvania will stage a big protest rally in the town of Sfantu Gheorghe, against the sentence pronounced in the case of the retrocession of the ‘Szeckely Miko’ College. The rally will enjoy the support of ethnic Hungarian parties and of several civic organisations.
During the Peninsula Festival of Targu Mures, volunteers collected signatures in support of the retrocession of the ‘Szeckely Miko’ College.

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