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May 22, 2022

Bank Italo Romena launches “Loan for career”

Bank Italo Romena launches „Loan for Career” targeting persons who wish to attend university and post university courses (MBAs, Ph.D.) within education institutions from the country and from abroad.Based on a press release, the loan can be used for the payment of the tuition fees as well as for the expenditures incurred by lodging and meals during the course, being thus designed as to cover 100 per cent of the total value. The amount that can be made available is up to EUR 40,000 or RON equivalent whereas the study duration is up to 7 years with the option of granting a grace time period of maximum 2 years for the reimbursement of the capital. The „Loan for career” accepts personal collateral or real estate collateral of the beneficiary or of other three members of this or her family as co-debtors. The interest charged in case of the „Loan for Career” is a variable one, namely Euribor at 3 months + 9.50 per cent per year for EUR funding, more specifically Robor at 3 months + 8.5 per cent yearly for RON funding.

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