MJ nominees for National Integrity Council approved

The Legal Affairs Committee of the Senate met yesterday and approved the two proposals made by the Ministry of Justice (MJ) for the positions as member and substitute member of the National Integrity Council (CNI),  cotidianul.ro informs. The lawyer-senators prepared a favourable report on the appointment as member of the National Integrity Council of Silviu Gabriel Barbu, currently Deputy Secretary General of the Ministry of Justice, and on the appointment of Alina Barbu as substitute member. The two nominations are to be submitted to the vote of the plenary session of the Senate. If approved, Silviu Gabriel Barbu will replace Lidia Barac and Alina Barbu – Gabriel Tanasescu. Both Lidia Barac and Gabriel Tanasescu have resigned from the National Integrity Council. During the meeting, the Chairman of the Legal Affairs Committee of the Senate, Toni Grebla (PSD), recommended the two candidates to consider preparing a study to explain the situations of incompatibility and the way in which financial disclosure forms should be correctly filled in, the senator being of the opinion that the laws regulating those aspects had been written in a haste and under the pressure of certain factors. According to Toni Grebla, such study could become a basis for a possible change of applicable legislation. ‘The legal texts on incompatibilities, interdictions and financial disclosure statements were hastily prepared, under pressure coming from various sides. In practice, it has been proven that well-intended people either do not fill in the forms correctly enough, or they mix up the fields, hence the fantastically broad area left for interpretation. Even we are in difficulty when we are asked for an opinion on what they should do. Opinions are divided and, considering all this, nothing keeps you from preparing a theoretical piece of work on the matter. As we have treaties on the Code of Civil Procedure, nothing would keep you from drafting a theoretical piece of work and perhaps (…) a due change of legislation (would be also possible – our note), making it clearer and to the understanding of the last local councilor in some rural locality of this country, because not only ministers are required to fill in (financial disclosure forms – our note), but also many other people who do not have the relevant training ‘, Toni Grebla said.

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