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August 4, 2021

Right-wing forces to launch political manifesto today

Vasile Blaga (PDL), Mihai Razvan Ungureanu (ICCD), Aurelian Pavelescu (PNTCD), Mihai Neamtu (PNR) and Adrian Papahagi (FCD) will sign today a document of collaboration in view of the parliamentary elections, HotNews.ro informs.Today they will launch a manifesto titled “Romanians, be lively, Romania has a future,” a press communiqué shows.The manifesto shows that the goal of this alliance is to win the parliamentary elections. “We propose to the Romanian society a political platform articulated around centre-right values,” the manifesto adds. “We’re convinced we will achieve this construct (the centre-right alliance – editor’s note) by mid-September. Our biggest enemy is time. The elections are scheduled on December 2, while the pre-campaign and the elections campaign will start in October,” Blaga stated, being quoted by Mediafax.“The leadership will be collegial,” Blaga stated, pointing out that the party’s name and symbols will be established next. New Romania Party President Mihail Neamtu pointed out that the alliance will be led by four co-presidents and will have an ethics commission set to be led by Monica Macovei. Macovei pointed out that this commission will scrutinize all of the alliance’s candidates for Parliamentary seats from the point of view of integrity and competency, in order to ensure a clean Parliament. The manifesto will be launched today, at 4 PM, at the Christian-Democrat Foundation’s headquarters in Bucharest.



Udrea asked to leave politics

Mihail Neamtu, the founder of the New Republic political group, asked former Democrat Liberal Party (PDL) leader Elena Udrea to retire from politics, pointing out that “disgraced politicians should retire.” In reply, Udrea pointed out that she fears “the arrogance and self-sufficiency” of some persons who proclaim themselves to be “the present and the future” without having any merits in the past.Neamtu commented yesterday a statement that Elena Udrea made about Traian Basescu. Udrea stated that Basescu “is the only political actor credible for the Americans and Europeans.” In this context, Neamtu claimed that if what Udrea said is true then it means she is not a credible political actor. In her turn, Elena Udrea accused Neamtu of failing to prove anything in order to be in the position to state which person deserves to be part “of the winning right-wing” and underlined the fact that although “many right-wingers picture themselves as the new Traian Basescu” “those aspirations cannot really be attained by anyone now.”

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