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January 23, 2022

Eckstein Kovacs Peter heard by DNA

The former UDMR Senator, chairman of the Senate’s Juridical Commission and former Presidential aide was present yesterday at the National Anticorruption Department (DNA) where he was heard in a retrocession case, romanialibera.com informs. The case concerns the retrocession to Transylvania’s Reformed Bishopric of a building in Sfantul Gheorghe, a building which currently houses a college, the retrocession taking place illegally according to DNA prosecutors.According to the Kovacs, the DNA prosecutors started the investigation as a result of an information and the court of first appeal decided that the retrocession was illegal, ruling that the building should be returned to local authorities who “don’t want it.” Eckstein Kovacs Peter was heard as former delegated minister for the minorities.“From 1999 to 2000 I was a minister whose job was to propose to the government what buildings to give back to the national minorities. I was the one that promoted government decision 1334/2000, a decision in which I included this national college. Three people that were part of the retrocession commission are now arraigned before the court,” Eckstein Kovacs Peter stated in front of the DNA headquarters.“Those that promoted the draft law are not held liable for it? I come and ask for a clarification whether this retrocession was legal or illegal and then I’ll bear the rigors of the law,” the former minister stated. Asked whether this was a legal retrocession, he answered: “No doubt, it went through the government.” Likewise, he confirmed that there is a “debate” within the Magyar public opinion on this issue and he knows those who were convicted by the court of first appeal as members of the retrocession commission. The ruling is not final and can be attacked through an appeal. “It’s a dangerous precedent, a re-nationalization.” The former presidential aide detailed the reasons why he initiated the retrocession during that period. “There wasn’t a framework law, ordinance 93/1999 had an annex with the buildings to be given back. Subsequently the minister was empowered to fill up the annex. 74 buildings were included in the annex,” Eckstein explained. Asked whether he considers that his presence at the hearings is “an unusual action,” he confirmed but underlined that it does not represent a self-denunciation. “I acted legally. I don’t want this action to hover above me. I want to see the DNA position,” the former UDMR Senator stated.

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