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September 17, 2021

Guided tours for the local residents and visitors of Rosia Montana on Miner’s Day

  • The first tour includes the former mining pit and the pilot acid water treatment station in Rosia Montana, a first in Romania
  • Catalina-Monulesti gallery preserves traces of exploitation from all historical eras
  • All those interested will be able to visit the houses already restored or under restoration in the historical center


A new edition of the Miner’s Day will take place on Sunday, September 2nd, on the Miner’s Stadium in Rosia Montana. The event is organized by Rosia Montana Town Hall and Local Council, in partnership with Rosia Montana Gold Corporation (RMGC). On this celebration, local residents and tourists will have the opportunity to visit and find out more about the latest investments made by RMGC in the community.

Thus, the visitors will participate in free guided tours in Rosia Montana, organized by RMGC on three routes, on Sunday, between 10.00 and 17.00 h.

The first tour includes a visit to the former mining pit and the pilot acid water treatment station in Rosia Montana. The visitors will have the opportunity to see how Cetate pit currently looks like, after the closure of the state-owned exploitation which took place in the period 1971-2006. In contrast to the old technology, whose traces can be still seen at Rosia Montana, the pilot acid water treatment station is a modern investment and the first of this kind in Romania, testing two methods for the cleaning of the acid drainage from the old mining galleries.

The second site proposed by the organizers is Catalina-Monulesti Gallery, which preserves exploitation traces from all historical eras. The largest lot of Roman waxed plates was discovered here as part of the random discoveries.

The third proposal is a tour of the houses which have already been restored/are in the process of restoration in the historical center. 16 buildings have been included so far in the rehabilitation and commissioning program of the historical center, and 160 others were subject to maintenance and emergency interventions works.

Registrations and departures will take place at the mining project information points in the Old Square, and the visitors will receive proper safety equipment and briefings on how to behave during the tours.

Thousands of inhabitants from Apuseni Mountains and visitors from all over the country are expected at Rosia Montana on Sunday, September 2nd, for the traditional celebration of the Miner’s Day.

About the Miner’s Day

Miner’s Day is an event celebrated every year in the communities where there are or used to be mining exploitations. In 2009, a world record was established at Rosia Montana, certified by the Guinness Book: the largest number of people who simultaneously looked for gold using the buddle – over 100 persons took part in establishing the record.


About Rosia Montana Gold Corporation

Rosia Montana Gold Corporation (RMGC) was established in 1997 in Alba County, and is owned by the State company Minvest Deva (with 19.31 %) and Gabriel Resources (with 80.69%).

RMGC will develop the most modern mine in Romania, at Rosia Montana, bringing important benefits to the Romanian economy. As a model mine, Rosia Montana Project will establish a new standard for responsible gold mining both in the EU and in the world.

For additional information, please visit the company’s website, at: www.rmgc.ro.


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