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August 5, 2021

Gas and electricity, most important hikes in September

September started with new price mark-ups. On Saturday, September 1, the price of electricity went up 2-3 per cent for non-residential consumers, following the deregulation of 15 per cent of the electricity market and the price of natural gas will rise by 5 per cent for home consumers and by 10 per cent for industrial consumers on September 15, 2012, according to the President of the National Regulation Authority in the Field of Energy, Niculae Havrilet. He noted that the price rise happened because traders had not recovered their costs since 2009. According to the calendar set for the liberalisation of the natural gas market, the price will grow on July 1, 2013 for residential consumers and on December 1, 2012 for industrial consumers. The final terms for the supply of energy in a regulated regime are December 31, 2013 for non-residential customers and December 31, 2017 for residential consumers.
The avalanche of price rises started already a week ago, when the main fuel companies OMV Petrom, Rompetrol and Lukoil increased the price of petrol and diesel fuel by up to nine cents per litre. Following the recent rises, fuel prices hit record values. The fuel price rises will be also reflected on the price of retail Goods. For example, dairy and meat products will become more expensive by up to 30 per cent by the end of the year, some factories accepting a price rise already as of Saturday. The severe drought has caused a poor production, by that raising production costs and the price of raw materials.
The price of wheat, corn and sunflower has already suffered a major correction because of the drought, but, of the 30 per cent rise of the price of wheat, for example, 10 per cent will be sensed by buyers, standing for a price rise by three per cent, Agriculture Minister Daniel Constantin recently said.
On September 1, the European directive phasing-out incandescent light bulbs also came into effect, the measure being meant to lead to a reduction of energy consumption but which will probably raise the price of economical and environmentally-friendly light bulbs. The price of an ecological light bulb is 10 to 15 times higher than the price of an incandescent light bulb. Starting with September 1, 2012, upon expiration of a facultative policy, home owners must buy an insurance policy against natural risks (earthquake, flood and landslide) with insured amounts of EUR 10,000 and EUR 20,000 and afterwards the facultative policy for additional insurance, according to a CSA order.
September came with only one piece of good news – interconnection rates decreased by 24 per cent, to 3.07 eurocent /minute on Saturday.

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