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October 26, 2020

Diplomacy gathering marked by celebration of 150 years of foreign policy

Ponta pointed out that Europe as a whole needed a new growth philosophy for the future and Romania should be a part of the process of reconstruction of Europe. On the other hand, the premier told the ambassadors present for the Romanian Diplomacy Conference yesterday that the recent situation in Romania resembled what had happened in Libya, in the sense that the opposition was asking foreign partners to ‘bombard’ the country in order to show that ‘things are not well’. Victor Ponta said what the country had experienced recently were situations ambassadors as well as regular citizens were not used to. The PM however said he was convinced that any domestic issue between the local political forces and the country leaderships should not affect the European and international representation or Romania or its interests as a country. He said such interests were more important than the party interests of a regime or political leadership.
Victor Ponta also told ambassadors to be more deeply engaged in the promotion of Romania’s interests, following the example of the ambassadors of other countries in Bucharest.
Corlatean: With Russia we need to pursue contacts between PMs and FMs
In his address, Foreign Minister Titus Corlatean presented a cross-section view of priorities in Romania’s foreign policy, with an emphasis on the European dimension of security, strategic partnerships, Trans-Atlantic relation, regional and multilateral cooperation as well as with partners in the Middle East and Africa, Asia-Pacific and Latin America. ‘National security and prosperity continue to be closely related to the vitality of structures Romania belongs to, primarily the EU and NATO, but also OSCE and the Council of Europe. We voluntarily became a part of those structures, adding their principles and values to the internal mode of operation, which will continue to be a fundamental <aquis> of the Romanian society’, said the chief Romanian diplomat in the opening session.
At the same time, Corlatean said, in its relations with the Russian Federation, Romania needed to pursue relevant political contacts, starting with the level of the heads of diplomacy and going up to the prime minister level. About Romania’s relations with Ukraine, the FM pointed out a certain openness had been reported lately, manifested in the official visits of foreign ministers in 2011 and added that he would meet up with his Ukrainian counterpart Kostiantin Grishchenko at the UN General Assembly in New York. Corlatean also reiterated the fact that a ‘primordial objective’ of Romanian diplomacy would continue to be the consolidation of our special partnership with R. Moldova. The FM further said Romanian diplomacy would have to seek in a more intensely manner a revival of political and diplomatic dialogue with countries of Latin America, given the ‘spectacular growth’ recorded by economic relations with such states.
The reunion ended with a concert.

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