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December 6, 2022

Titus Corlatean: I do not agree to direct line between Cotroceni and embassies

Foreign Minister Titus Corlatean does not agree to the installation of a direct telecommunication system between Cotroceni and Romanian embassies abroad. When he was asked after the meeting of President Basescu with the diplomats yesterday, also attended by him, about the installation of such a system, the minister answered: ‘That would be an unprecedented thing’. ‘As long as this institution (MAE) does its duty correctly, I do not believe we need to resort to separate communication channels. That’s an unprecedented matter and I do not agree to such thing’, Corlatean explained.
The minister also said the message the president had for the diplomats was one of domestic politics, adding that ‘visions are fundamentally different’ and that he was concerned by ‘duality’ in foreign policy. ‘The prime minister will send a correspondence to the EC, to Brussels, on how Romania fulfils these MCV criteria, but I will insist with the diplomatic corps on a clear separation of internal political issues, the political war, from matters regarding the Romanian national interest. And, from this point of view, regarding the first point of the president’s address, positions are fundamentally different. Let us keep a necessary balance in order not to send from Bucharest messages working to our disadvantage’, said Corlatean. The FM further argued that there had to be an institutional dialogue and that, as far as important themes are concerned, there is ‘no hesitation’. ‘After this meeting, after we finalise certain analyses with the ambassadors, priorities will not be of one or another political side, they are Romania’s priorities. At MAE  we are a team, we will operate correctly and consistently and will conduct a unitary dialogue with the president. We will not make the mistake of mixing up the two levels – political and diplomatic – I prefer to give privilege to the part that pertains to the interests of Romania’, said the foreign minister.
Political reactions
The Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies, Valeriu Zgonea, says the statements made by Traian Basescu yesterday show the fact that the president did not understand the message sent to him by 7.4 M Romanians in the referendum on July 29, adding that the president ‘should resign’. ‘With his statements today, Traian Basescu shows he did not learn anything from the lesson Romanians taught him. (…) How can Traian Basescu represent now the interests of Romania when over 7 M citizens have told him to go? How can Traian Basescu still go to Brussels and allied capitals and speak about the rule of law in Romania after he himself has claimed there was a coup? Traian Basescu has no sort of legitimacy anymore, either in the country or abroad. Traian Basescu has to resign’, Zgonea states in a press release. The lower Chamber speaker claims USL had strictly respected the letter of the law and the spirit of the Constitution in the impeachment process and Traian Basescu and his supporters were actually the ones to start a whole campaign of denigration of Romania abroad.
The deputy leader of the PNL group in the Chamber of Deputies, Eugen Nicolaescu, is of the opinion that the statements made by President Traian Basescu were grounds for a new impeachment. ‘(…) A leopard cannot change its spots. In other words, President Traian Basescu is still not well after his holidays and continues to say foolish and queer things’, Nicolaescu said.
PDL President Vasile Blaga on his part believes Nicolaescu is ‘exhilarated’ when saying that the president’s statements were ground for a new impeachment procedure. Asked about Traian Basescu’s statement on the fact that the current parliamentary majority ‘has blown the rule of law to smithereens’, Blaga answered: ‘You have seen all international reactions and we, as democrat liberals, have asked ourselves whether this coalition still follows the Euro-Atlantic path of Romania because, only considering Mr. Antonescu’s statements, the only thing they didn’t do was to burn the American flag as they did in the central square in Cairo. The Secretary of the Chamber of Deputies, Georgian Pop (PSD), in turn said the president ‘doesn’t have too much coherence’ and that ‘it is very plausible’ that the head of state ‘says something different tomorrow’.

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