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December 6, 2022

Yet three more civil servants served injunctions over referendum case

Constantin Manoloiu, head of the Public Records and Database Management Department, wiretapped.

The deputy head of the Public Records Department, Florin Baba, and its law expert, Laura Cusa, were summoned for hearings by prosecutors at the prosecutor’s Office of the High Court of Cassation and Justice (ICCJ), in connection with the referendum case file, Mediafax reported judicial sources as saying. Also, Catalin Chiper, State Secretary for Prefect’s Institutions liaison at the Ministry of Administration and Interior (MAI) appeared before prosecutors in the same case, in which former Victor Paul Dobre, MAI State Secretary Ioan Cabulea, and Constantin Manoloiu, head of the Public records Department, are also being investigated. Former interior minister Ioan Rus was heard as a witness on August 13.
The ICCJ Prosecutor’s Office took note over an additional communication made by Constantin Manoloiu and sent by the MAI to the Constitutional Court (cc) saying he could not assume the number of voters, having informed the Court about their exceeding 18.2 million. Prosecutors are investigating questor Manoloiu and State Secretary Nicolae Cabulea, head of the Public Order and head of the Department of Public Order and Safety of the MAI for abuse of office against public interests. The Prosecutor’s Office attached to the ICCJ is looking into whether the   permanent electoral lists at the referendum and the documents sent to the CC contain unreal data “of a nature to draw penal accountability to its authors,” the Public Ministry stated. Prosecutors show that this concern with not establishing the way in which the permanent electoral lists were drawn up and creating the impression that the exact number of those on permanent lists cannot be established is proved by the evidence in the case, namely a taped telephone conversation Aug 6 between Manoloiu and Laura Cusa, from which shows Manoloiu’ being quite concerned about how the database would be updated, although the CC address hadn’t asked for it. Separately, Constantin Chiper, MAI State Secretary for Prefect Institutions’ liaison, on its way out of the ICCJ Prosecutor’s Office building,   said he had no duties whatsoever on issuing the address to the CC over voters number, given he is in charge of prefects and firefighters instead. He said his statement to prosecutors was brief, yet “they also talked” over it. The MAI official told prosecutors about his daily duties. He also said that both before and after the referendum he attended several MAI meetings, yet insisted his duties have nothing to do with the Public Records.

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