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October 7, 2022

PNL leader slamed by MRU and Rus

Former Interior Minister Ioan Rus indirectly calls PNL leader Crin Antonescu a clown and ex-PM Mihai Razvan Ungureanu says Antonescu ‘wants to come into notice through cave-like nationalism’.

Ex-Interior Minister Ioan Rus says it is not PSD’s turn to produce the next president of Romania, in spite of its protocol with PNL and that Liberal leader Crin Antonescu should try to deserve being the president because, by rushing things, he risks losing ‘perhaps everything’. ‘It’s not enough to express your wish or to speak in long-chanted syllables to the people on TV’, Rus says in an interview for the ‘Kamikaze’ magazine. Rus goes on by saying that USL could lose some important percentages in the parliamentary election. ‘It could cost USL, but we don’t know how much (…), I know from a friend of mine who is into political marketing that people do not vote for clowns’, he said, obviously meaning Antonescu. In an interview for ‘Evenimentul zilei’ daily, ex-PM Mihai Razvan Ungureanu says the two USL co-presidents do not get their remove when it comes to foreign politics. The PNL chief thinks he can distinguish himself in the country by roaring at EU officials. ‘Mr. Ponta, in the acceptance of his broad diplomatic and international relations experience, does not take into consideration absolutely anything because he doesn’t understand anything of what happens in international politics. (…) Victor Ponta forgets that he is the prime minister and not a side lane commentator on a third division football match’, MRU said. His attacks continued on Crin Antonescu who, according to him, just like Ponta, has a limited knowledge of international politics. ‘Mr. Antonescu, like Mr. Ponta, unfortunately – they probably come from the same school of thinking – take everything down to the level of personal relations. If someone from Berlin criticises you, you swear at him. It’s a small gang row behind the blocks. (…) Mr. Antonescu probably still had a tiny left-over of electoral thinking, imagining that, by waving his fist and roaring at officials criticising the situation in Romania, he could come into public notice at the expense of a very primitive, cave-like nationalism’, MRU also said. The former PM also says PNL should not have to suffer because ‘the troubled presence of its leader’.

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