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September 26, 2020

Ponta wants CSM to be tough on those attacking judiciary

Monica Macovei accused of interference in justice system.

Prime Minister Victor Ponta yesterday proposed to Minister of Justice Mona Pivniceru to ask the Superior Council of Magistracy (CSM) ‘to be tough on everybody’ and reprimand ‘inadmissible pressures on justice’, noting, during the Cabinet meeting, that some people are ‘sending e-mails and are moving cases between prosecutors’.
‘I was wrong, I made statements and I was sanctioned for that. Other people deem it good to organise protests in the public square over a court decision, other ones send emails and move cases between prosecutors. I am never going to e-mail anyone asking that cases be moved between prosecutors but, please, Mrs. Minister, make sure that such things do not happen again and that CSM is just as tough in sanctioning such inadmissible pressures on justice’, Ponta said at the start of the Cabinet sitting. He noted that he would have had an extremely powerful reaction if someone would have taken away a case from him by sending an e-mail message when he was a prosecutor. Ponta’s remarks came after the media revealed that former Justice minister Monica Macovei tried to interfere with a Court case.
Dem Lib MEP Macovei is again accused of interfering in the act of justice. According to luju.ro, the proof is given by the Superior Magistracy Council (CSM) which analyzed in May the results of the verifications conducted by the Judicial Inspection as a consequence of a request filed by a prosecutor from the Brasov Court’s Prosecutor’s Office. The prosecutor complained that the former Justice Minister tried to dint his independence and professional reputation. Thus, Macovei is accused of asking Romanian General Attorney Laura Codruta Kovesi to take over a case that was on the roll of the Brasov Court’s Prosecutor’s Office, in order for the Supreme Court’s Prosecutor’s Office to handle the case. She allegedly supported her request by arguing that she wanted the case to be solved “faster” and “professionally.” The CSM’s plenum established however that the PDL MEP did not have any quality in that case, pointing out that the pressure she exercised through her filed request “represents interference in criminal prosecution, affecting the prosecutor’s independence and impartiality.” In its turn, the Judicial Inspection pointed out that “the verification of the investigation documents made by prosecutor Negulescu showed that they were made with maximum speed and the trial documents were properly justified. (…) The claims that Monica Macovei introduced in her request, claims negatively referring to the professional competency, impartiality and correctness of Mihai Negulescu, are unjustified. Relevant in this sense is the fact that the Public Ministry did not accept the request,” the Judicial Inspection’s report reads.
The Foundation for the Protection of Citizens against State Abuses (FACIAS) asked the General Prosecutor’s Office yesterday to react in what concerns the abuse that the former Justice Minister committed. Likewise, FACIAS publicly asked Monica Macovei to resign from her MEP office.

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