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September 25, 2021

Ungureanu officially enters politics

Former Premier Mihai Razvan Ungureanu was elected President of the Civic Force Party, a party that plans to soon join the EPP.

Mihai Razvan Ungureanu (MRU) was elected President of the Civic Force Party (PFC) during the party’s National Convention meeting that took place last Friday within Bucharest’s Polyvalent Hall. After the party elected its new leadership, Ungureanu read a resolution through which he expressed his will to join the European People’s Party (EPP). At the same time, he announced that the PFC is the Centre-Right Civic Initiative’s (ICCD) “electoral vehicle.” “The ICCD was born out of the need to coagulate civic and political right-wing forces that can change Romania, becoming in a very short time one of the largest NGOs in Romania. The Civic Force is the electoral vehicle that will allow the Initiative’s members to take on an active role in political life, being set to take part in this year’s general elections,” the invitation to the National Convention, an invitation that Ungureanu sent to the press, reads. Last week, Ungureanu explained on his Facebook account that the ICCD, whose leader he is, will not turn into a party but will acquire such an “electoral vehicle” since without doing so the members of the Initiative would be unable to run in general elections on behalf of the new alliance. When presenting his candidacy for the top position within PFC, Mihai Ungureanu stated that this party was born through generosity, will not give in to vested interests and will work on building a Romania “as it should be” in the 21st Century. “This party was born through generosity, it will keep going through generosity, each of its members understanding that this is not about giving in to vested interests, but about working with other party colleagues on building a Romania as it should be in the 21st Century in a united Europe,” Ungureanu stated. He pointed out that the Civic Force’s responsibility is to stand against those that want to harm the country and the nation, and to offer solutions.“We are not allowed to be limp. We are not allowed to sit and watch the way in which a disarticulated ruling power is trying to destroy a country and a nation, democracy and the citizens’ freedoms. Our responsibility is to stand up against those that want our harm and to offer politically. (…) Dignity, civic responsibility, loyalty towards the country and nation are the values we trust in,” Ungureanu added.

He pointed out that he invites Romanians to be alongside the Civic Force party and that he will try to be as the Romanians want him to be.“Dear Romanians, I ask you to come alongside us, I will try to be as you want me to be. I have behind me 22 years of teaching, over 14 years of political activity in the country and abroad, days of work and force resumed in the Civic Force party. I ask you to invest confidence in the Civic Force party,” Mihai Razvan Ungureanu added.Referring to the general elections, MRU stated that he most likely will run for an MP seat within the Lower Chamber on December 9, pointing out that Iasi, the city he was born in, is the most attractive as a political project.The leadership of the Civic Force party also includes First Vice President Adrian Stefan Iurascu, Vice President Ion Bazac (former PSD Health Minister), Vice President Marian Saniuta (former PSD Interior Minister), General Secretary Stefan Pirpiliu (former PDL MP, currently independent), Vice President Gabriel Biris, Vice President Danut Liga (former PDL), Vice President Teodor Maries (’22 Decembrie’ Association), Vice President Adrian Semcu (former President of PNL Prahova). The PFC is yet to launch its political platform.


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