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October 25, 2021

Main suspect in Japanese student killing case got away with many poorly handled criminal cases

A report conducted by the Prosecutor General’s Office and quoted by ‘Jurnalul national’ and dealing with the way in which Vlad Nicolae, the lead suspect of the murder of the young Japanese student in Romania at the end of August has got away with accusations raised in numerous other criminal cases in which he was involved shows some serious flaws in the handling of those cases by the authorities. Vlad Nicolae got away with a theft and sex assault in February 2011, because the activity of the genetics lab that was supposed to run tests on the evidence collected from the crime scene was suspended ‘because of lack of reactives’. Vlad Nicolae was also not prosecuted by prosecutor Puntaru Danut in a murder case at the beginning of august, although he was the main suspect. On May 2, 2012, the same Vlad Nicolae, having been arrested for 24 hours on suspicion of theft and assault, was released by prosecutor Dunca Wilhelm Emanuel with the Prosecutor’s Office of the Buftea Court House. Following the inspection, the Prosecutor General of the Prosecutor’s Office of the High Court of Cassation and Justice last Friday notified the Superior Council of Magistracy – the Judicial Inspection, asking for disciplinary measures against prosecutors Wilhelm Emanuel Dunca and Puntaru Danut. The Prosecutor General also passed an order terminating the secondment of prosecutor Catalin Paraschiv as Prime-Prosecutor of the Prosecutor’s Office of Buftea Court House, after identifying managerial shortcomings in his activity. The Prosecutor General also notified the Ministry of Administration and Interior with the request that disciplinary measures should be enforced against the police officers who had committed grievous violations in all of the above cases they worked on.

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