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August 13, 2022

Long Night of Romanian Film: Absolute premieres and award-winning films

The Long Night of Romanian Film will bring, on September 14, to four Romanian cities (Bucharest, Cluj-Napoca, Timisoara, Iasi) a selection of the most successful Romanian films, productions of all genres signed by moviemakers from all generations.The event is organized by the Romanian Association for the Promotion of Romanian Film on the model of similar projects such as “Bucharest’s Long Night,” “The Long Night of Museums” or “The Long Night of Art Galleries.” In Bucharest the Long Night will be organized both in locations already known from previous editions – Cinema Studio, Cinema Patria, the Romanian Director’s New Cinema, the Old Centre or Club Fabrica – as well as in new locations such as Cinema PRO, Cinema Elvira Popescu, Club Control, Gradina Verona, Godot Café. The programme of the event contains both recent productions that have impressive prize records or that appeal to the public, as well as classic films that influenced generations of artists. The selection also includes original documentaries and the best Romanian short-reels of 2012. According to a communiqué issued by the organizers, the Long Night will also feature a premiere in Bucharest: the launching of Tudor Giurgiu’s most recent film – “Despre oameni and melci.” The movie features Monica Barladeanu and Andi Vasluianu in leading roles. The marathon of Romanian films also includes Radu Jude’s “Everybody in Our Family,” winner of the Heart of Sarajevo, the grand prize of the International Film Festival in Sarajevo, Silviu Purcarete’s debut “Somewhere in Palilula,” Anca Damian’s “Crulic The Path to Beyond,” the first Romanian animation in the last 20 years, Gabriel Achim’s dark comedy “Adalbert’s Dream,” and Adrian Sitaru’s “Best Intentions,” winner of two trophies at the Locarno Film Festival.A special event is dedicated to the Visual Arts Foundation (FAV), which marks 20 years since its establishment.The public is also invited to decide the fate of a character, during Millo Simulov’s “Kiddo,” the first interactive film in Romania. Kiddo is the name of a teenager who has a hard life and a dysfunctional family and who releases her anger by boxing. The audience will get to decide her destiny several times throughout the film, choosing from the options offered by the authors. The film was presented at the 11th edition of the Transylvania International Film Festival.For more information on the event and its programme, check www.romfilmpromotion.ro.

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