Implementation of new civil, criminal and procedure codes costs approximately EUR 157 M

A study on the implementation of the judicial system carried out by the Ministry of Justice finds that the estimated financial impact of the application of the new legal codes during three years is over RON 707 M (roughly EUR 157 M), RON 18.8 M being for the infrastructure of court rooms, Mediafax reports. The final report prepared in the context of the project ‘Technical assistance for the preparation of the implementation of the new Civil Code, Criminal Code, Code of Civil Procedure and Code of Criminal Procedure’, conducted by the Ministry of Justice after the adoption of the new codes of material and process law, ahead of their entry into force, a set of conclusions was prepared regarding the needed human resources and infrastructure for courts and prosecutor’s offices. The conclusion of the assessment was that the current budget allocation for the Ministry of Justice is insufficient for the implementation of the new codes and the structure of budget expenditures is imbalanced. One example is the budget of courts of law where 80-90 per cent of the money is supposed to finance pay-roll expenditure (wages, subscriptions and other salary entitlements) and the earmarking for investment and operation of courts has a secondary and almost insignificant role. In the entire justice system, the entry into effect of the new codes will require more court rooms. The estimated financial impact of the implementation of the new codes on the court room infrastructure is around RON 19 M. It is estimated that the application of the new codes will require 54 new court rooms, for example. The total cost of office space exceeds RON 2.2 M and the IT cost is over RON 10 M. At the same time, the expenditure with salaries would be over RON 507 M. Apart from all this, the implementation of the new Code of Civil Procedure (its coming into force has been prorogued until February 1, 2013) requires an additional 1,391 judges and 3,883 court clerks in the system.

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