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August 5, 2021

Ungureanu contradicts Macovei

Only a day after PDL MEP Monica Macovei presented the integrity criteria on whose basis the Right Romania Alliance (ARD) will establish its candidates in the general elections, Civic Force (FC) President Mihai Razvan Ungureanu (MRU) contradicted his alliance partners. In an interview for ‘Romania Libera’ Ungureanu stated that “the issue of political defections is a false issue” for ARD and the Civic Force’s doors will be open for experienced politicians. In the same interview, MRU claimed that the definition of political defection should take into account the “profit” obtained by a politician that switches parties, from this point of view those that choose a new party risking more than gaining. At the same time, sources close to the negotiations stated for Hotnews that the issue of candidacies is creating tensions within the Alliance. According to the aforementioned sources, Ungureanu wants to force through the candidacy of former PDL members Stefan Pirpiliu and Danut Liga who are currently members of the Civic Force’s leadership body. Macovei allegedly told Ungureanu that according to the Alliance’s Ethic Code and integrity criteria political defectors have no place on the joint list of candidacies. The two former PDL members are not the only “defectors” that are part of FC’s leadership. Thus, Dan Cristian Popescu (former Liberal), Marian Saniuta (former Social Democrat) and Ionut Bazac (former Social Democrat) are FC’s proposed candidates in general elections. Macovei announced on Sunday ARD’s Ethical Code based on integrity criteria. Persons that received final court rulings, were placed under preventive arrest, were sued, have disproportionate assets, signed non-transparent contracts with the state, collaborated with the former Securitate or switched parties will not be able to run as ARD candidates, Macovei announced, pointing out that the criteria will be sent to the presidents of the three parties making up ARD (PDL, FC and PNTCD) and that there is the possibility that they will not be well received by ARD members.

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