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June 27, 2022

Maior: The terrorist threat level is increasing

The director of the Romanian Intelligence Service (SRI), George Maior  underwent hearings in the pertinent committee of the Parliament, about the activity of the Service in 2011. “With regard to the terrorist threat, I told the Committee that this threat level is increasing because of factors which I explained to the Committee, and we focus on this issue more than in other years. This is not about a direct or imminent threat, but the threat level is on the rise and you saw evolutions in Europe and even in neighbor countries related to the terrorist phenomenon, which are also concerning us,” Maior said at the conclusion of the hearing, after he presented the activity report of the institution for 2011. He added that, in 2011, Romania started being affected by “cybernetic-type” threats. The Parliament Committee for the Control of SRI approved the activity report of the institution for 2011, which will be put on debate in the joint plenum, for approval. The Parliament still has to approve the SRI activity reports for the last four years.

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