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October 27, 2020

PDL to file education motion

It is the first motion against the Ponta Government since USL went to power.

PDL Prime Vice-President Cezar Preda yesterday informed that his party would introduce a motion on education in the Camber of Deputies on Friday. Preda noted PDL’s National Political Bureau had decided to introduce the motion. It is the first motion PDL introduced against the Ponta Government after the democrat liberals went into the opposition’, said Cezar Preda. He noted that PDL was asking Education Minister Ecaterina Andronescu ‘to cancel Victor Ponta’s PhD title’ and added that the message the authorities had sent out upon the beginning of the new school year showed that ‘the state of disorder would continue in the education system’. According to Cezar Preda, with their motion on education, the democrat liberals want ‘to ring an alarm bell’ about what happens in the sector. He criticised the adoption by the Senate of the legislation introducing the vocational baccalaureate’, which, he said, was ‘a communist way of issuing a piece of paper’. ‘What happens in education today comes from an education pact signed by political leaders. The school year has started under maximum pressure, 1,000 school directors have been replaced in one week’, Preda said. He also slammed Ponta over speaking of terminating the zero class ‘in the absence of thorough analysis’.  Premier Victor Ponta said in the opening of the new school year in Targu Jiu on Monday that, as far as he was concerned, it was both necessary and useful that ‘the famous preparative class; should operate within kindergartens rather than schools as of next year, arguing that the authorities had ‘given a headache to parents’. PDL Vice President Raluca Turcan yesterday accused Victor Ponta of ‘continuing the turmoil in the system of education’ with his announcement regarding the preparative class. In her opinion, the prime minister ‘has no vision on Romanian education whatsoever’.

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