Ponta: Basescu and I can’t get on well together

PM Ponta stated that he received a phone call on Sunday from President Basescu who informed him “only as much as he wanted.” The Premier also stated in an interview for ‘Le Monde’ that the referendum’s result makes him say he acted impetuously and hastily.

Premier Victor Ponta stated on Tuesday evening that he does not believe President Traian Basescu changed so as to make cohabitation with him possible and pointed out that there is an important personal dislike between him and the Head of State.“There is a fundamental personal incompatibility between President Basescu and me. The personal dislike is important between two politicians and that is why we have to make clearer rules, Mr. Basescu and I can’t get on well together,” Ponta stated. He pointed out again that it is necessary to modify the Constitution next year, including by establishing clearer rules and clarifying prerogatives. Ponta added that the government should not be held responsible by the President but by Parliament instead. In what concerns President Traian Basescu’s visit to Brussels, the Premier received a call from him in order to be informed about the talks the President had with European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso, however he pointed out that the Head of State informed him “only as much as he wanted.” At the same time, Ponta pointed out that based on the information he received from the Commission he found out that Basescu is the one who requested to meet the EC President. “President Basescu requested this meeting, after which President Barroso, as it is absolutely normal, informed me and we agreed that in order to have the balance I believe we all need it would be good for him to meet me in Brussels too. There was never an option to go to Brussels together. President Basescu went there, he had the initiative, after which President Barroso, in the idea of balance and because, in reality, the Commission is working with the government in particular, wanted us to have this meeting. It seemed a very good initiative, and that’s why I immediately accepted it,” Ponta stated.President Traian Basescu was in Brussels on Friday, while Premier Victor Ponta met the EC President there on Monday. In other developments, Premier Victor Ponta stated in an interview published on Wednesday by ‘Le Monde’ that he will set aside his conflict with Traian Basescu and will focus on his political career. Likewise, he admitted he may have acted “impetuously and hastily” in what concerns the president’s impeachment. Concerning the general elections, the Premier stated on Tuesday evening that former PSD President and current independent Senator Mircea Geoana could run backed by USL. In August, Mircea Geoana stated in an interview that he never left PSD and continues to consider himself a Social-Democrat, pointing out that he will run for another Senate seat in the same college. USL’s candidates for the general elections will probably be officially announced by October 15, most of them being current MPs. Premier Victor Ponta added that among them there are also MPs that left PDL and joined USL. Concerning the Oltchim plant, the Premier stated on Tuesday evening that the privatisation cannot be finalized earlier than two or three months from now if a winner is selected on Friday. Concerning Friday’s tender, PM Ponta anticipated that it will be followed by a media row.

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