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May 18, 2022

Toro Tibor: “We want a federal Romania, a regional Transylvania and an autonomous Partium”

The head of the Hungarian People’s Party of Transylvania (PPMT), Toro Tibor, says his party’s electoral strategy was based on three ‘pillars’: ‘autonomy for the communities of Hungarians in Transylvania’, federalisation of Romania and return to the ‘Euro-Transylvanism’ of the 17th-19th centuries, seeking a ‘federal Romania, a regional Transylvania and an autonomous Partium,’ Mediafax reports. Toro also stated at a press conference in Oradea that ‘even historical, economic and cultural considerations show that Romania would be better off with bigger provinces, organised in a federalist way’. He gave the example of states such as ‘Italy, Spain, Germany and Switzerland’, arguing that ‘it would be better for all Romanian citizens if Romania joined that club of federations’. ‘We are not so naive as to think that we, PPMT, or the Hungarian community in Romania will be able to prepare a federalisation project by ourselves, as it would take the consensus of all politicians in Romania,’ he said, adding that ‘although the idea is not yet well articulated, it has, however, been voiced by several personalities,’ including President Traian Basescu. Asked by the journalists, the PPMT leader defined federalisation as ‘the creation of a larger region on historical and cultural considerations, with its own institutions, including regional parliaments with decision-making powers that currently belong to the national administration, Parliament, Government or other institutions, that should retain competence in the area of central finance, defence and national security and, of course, foreign policy.’ Toro Tibor also said the federalisation would also be a tool in the fight against corruption. According to the quoted source, in a federal context, ‘if rules are clear, local as well as national barons will not enjoy bigger power than institutions’. Toro also said the objective his party had for the parliamentary election as to reach the alternative electoral threshold by winning in six constituencies for the Chamber of Deputies and three for the Senate, so that PPMT could be in the new Parliament. According to the quoted source, ‘never before was the Hungarian community as exposed to political changes in Bucharest’ and ‘it is clear that we must run in the upcoming parliamentary election on our own’. In the context, the PPMT president said the objective of his party was to enter the Parliament by reaching the alternative electoral threshold, meaning by obtaining the highest number of votes in at least six constituencies for the Chamber of Deputies and three for the Senate. Toro Tibor said that, for his party that had obtained 1.5 per cent of the vote in the local election, the objective of winning in six electoral districts for the lower Chamber and three for the Senate would be ‘achievable’ as ‘in the country there are 15 districts of deputies and seven of senators where the Hungarian community has the majority.’

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