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June 26, 2022

Romanian maid dies in Italy after drinking methanol

A Romanian woman working in Italy died after she drank a cocktail which contained methanol, but Italian authorities assure that the incident is not related to the problems reported in Poland and the Czech Republic, Corriere della Sera reports in its online edition. The 43 year old woman was working as maid in Gela, Sicily. Authorities found out that she had fixed the lethal cocktail herself, as she probably did not know that the alcohol she used was methanol. The woman suddenly felt sick and she was taken to the local hospital, but doctors could not save her life. The Italian ministry of Health confirmed the intoxication with methanol, but assured that it is not related to the similar cases of intoxication reported recently in Poland and the Czech Republic. Massive intoxications with bootlegged alcohol killed 19 people in the Czech Republic and 5 in Poland.

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