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February 4, 2023

Authorities to reanalyze bear hunting quotas

Mugur Cozmanciuc, secretary of state within the Environment Ministry (MMP), stated on Monday that the bear hunting quotas have to be reanalyzed in order to respect the facts on the ground, underlining that “bear genocide” will not be allowed. The statement was made after the talks that took place yesterday between the representatives of the MMP, of NGOs and of hunting associations against the backdrop of bear attacks that left two persons dead and two injured in Dambovita County in the last seven days. The secretary of state also stated that another measure is to modify the framework agreement between the MMP and the managers of hunting grounds, in the sense of imposing clauses that would force them to permanently make sure the bears have food. At the same time, the authorities will continue to catch and relocate bears so as to stop them from entering human settlements in search for food. The optimal number of bears in Dambovita County is 23, however 48 bears currently live there, Marius Barbulescu, the Environment Guard’s general manager for the control of biodiversity, stated on Monday for Mediafax. “We asked for the hunting of seven bears but the Ministry approved the hunting of only one,” Marius Barbulescu stated, pointing out that the issue of overpopulation exists in hunting grounds throughout the country. According to him, the optimal number of bears in the country should stand at 4,000, but their real number stands at 6,000. Yesterday morning bears killed two calves in two villages in Dambovita County. Fortunately no person was injured this time.

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