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April 20, 2021

Bad loans attracted by SMEs in 2011, almost 20 pc of the total mass

The rate of bad loans attracted by SMEs reached at the end of last year almost 20 pc, compared to 2 pc at the advent of the crisis, in October 2008, with the riskiest sectors being constructions, the processing industry and commerce, according to representatives of the Romanian Counter-guaranteeing Fund, quoted by Mediafax. The rate of bad loans generated by the SMEs counter-guaranteed by the Romanian Counter-guaranteeing Fund was 4.2 pc, compared to 18.8 pc in December 2011,” the chairman of the Fund’s directorate, Ioan Hidegcuti said in a press conference. He explained that the loans in foreign currency have become riskier of late, even short-term ones, as the banking sector is strongly dependent on foreign financing, accounting for over 85 pc of the total. He mentioned that the rate of bad loans goes in reverse proportion with the size of companies. If the riskiest sectors that attract loans are constructions, processing industry and commerce, the best payers to banks are agriculture and utilities.

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