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November 30, 2022

Council of the EU expects new results from Romania

The General Affairs Council meeting on Monday in Brussels saluted the Romanian government’s commitment and efforts made to fulfill the EC recommendations included in the MCV report released in July, recommendations concerning the respect for the rule of law and the judiciary’s independence, adding however that it expects new results. “Concerning the recent events in Romania, the Council reminds the fundamental values the EU is based on and salutes the Romanian government’s commitment to act fast in order to ensure respect for the rule of law and the independence of the judiciary in line with the European Commission’s recommendations, as well as the steps already made in this sense,” the conclusions of the General Affairs Council meeting in which the Commission’s July 18 MCV report was analyzed on Monday read. Likewise, the Council of the EU also saluted the European Commission’s decision to continue to carefully monitor the situation in Romania and pointed out that it is expecting “other concrete results” too ahead of the Commission’s report scheduled before the end of this year. The Council also affirmed that it is important for Romania’s goal to attain the MCV objectives for the progress made by the Prosecutor’s Office and the DNA to be continued by the new leadership of the two institutions. The conclusions of yesterday’s meeting note the DNA’s and ANI’s “positive results,” the adoption of the new National Anticorruption Strategy as well as the fact that the adoption of the new Codes was prepared in recent years.

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