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May 22, 2022

PDL – not challenging Roberta Anastase’s dismissal as Chamber Speaker

PDL Prime Vice President Cezar Preda said on Monday that his party had decided not to also challenge the dismissal of Roberta Anastase as Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies, but just the dismissal of the Senate Speaker. ‘Due to the Chamber Regulations, PDL has decided not to challenge the dismissal. We will do that only for the Senate, where the Regulations are completely different and where the office of the speaker is very well protected, being the second most important one in the state hierarchy. PDL will go all the way in order to demonstrate that the current Government used unconstitutional acts in order to suspend and dismiss the president of the country,’ Cezar Preda said after the PDL Political Bureau meeting. The former Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies, now a regular MP, Roberta Anastase, said, on Monday, that she had informed the leadership of her party that she did not find it opportune to challenge her dismissal in the Constitutional Court, arguing that the current majority should be held responsible for delivering on the promises it had made. On the other hand, the Democrat Liberals have already filed a petition with the Constitutional Court, challenging the dismissal of Vasile Blaga as Speaker of the Senate. Blaga yesterday said he was not clinging on to the office as head of the Senate, but ‘the law is the law and must be observed’. ‘Our group in the Senate has filed a complaint just to annoy Mr. Antonescu. I’m joking, of course. You know how things went in early July, after all USL leaders had been speaking about the very good cooperation they had with me only a week before. On July 3, using a puerile pretext – that I had been elected as president of PDL and therefore I might not be impartial – I was dismissed because, of course, only the PNL president could have been impartial. I am not very keen on that post, but we want the law to be observed in this country,’ the PDL leader explained before the party National Political Bureau meeting yesterday. In the context we need to remind that the Constitutional Court last week ruled the law approving Government Emergency Ordinance 38/2012 changing the Court’s powers unconstitutional.

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