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November 26, 2022

Child care benefit returns to 85 pc of net income

The Chamber of Deputies yesterday adopted the draft law that approves OUG 124/2011, which increases the child care benefit from 75 pc to 85 pc of the net income, starting October 1, 2012 with the Chamber being the decision-making House in this case. The draft law also drops the condition of granting parental leave and child care benefits only for the first 3 children of a family. It also renders more flexible the possibilities of paying the social benefits to those who paid their local taxes and dues, by making more flexible the time period when these taxes and due may be paid. An additional sum of RON 600 will be granted to those who are on child leave and receive child care benefits, which adopt or take under their care or tutorship another child. This regulation will provide the unitary enforcement of the decision made by the Constitutional Court and will have effects only for on-going payments and for those that will occur after the adoption of the law.The law adopted in 2008 set the child care benefit at 85 pc of the net incomes earned for the last 12 months, for a two-year interval. In 2010, the benefit was reduced by 15 pc, applied to the sum resulting from the calculation of 85 pc of the average salary for the last 12 months, but no more than RON 3,400.“We propose setting the quantum of the child care benefit at 85 pc of the average net incomes of the person, keeping in effect the minimum and maximum limits, respectively RON 1,200 and RON 3,400 simultaneously with the right to grant the insertion incentive to those that opted to take the leave until the child reaches the age of two. We consider as absolutely normal for a mother, depending on her possibilities at a given moment, to decide if she stays on leave or returns to her job,” Labour minister Mariana Campeanu said in the Chamber of Deputies.For the parents that choose to stay one year on child leave, the monthly benefit amounts to 85 pc of the average net incomes earned during the last 12 months, between a minimum RON 600 and a maximum RON 3,400. If the parent chooses to stay with the child at home for the full 2-year interval, the benefit is 85 pc of the average net income earned for the last 12 months and cannot be smaller than RON 600 or higher than RON 1,200.

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