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October 6, 2022

New bear attack reported in Covasna

Dambovita is not the only county in Romania where bears come down into village where they steal domestic animals to feed or, even more seriously, attack humans. Several animals have been taken away by bears from Batani (Covasna County) households in the last three days, the local mayor saying dozens of bear attacks have been reported in the area this year. Similar incidents are known in the Bodoc, where a bear regularly visits the village. The Mayor of the Batani Commune, Simon Andras, says the latest incident happened Monday night, when a bear killed a cow in the village of Aita Seaca. Simon yesterday said a second cow had been killed by a bear over the weekend and a pig on Monday.The mayor also says approximately 30 bear attacks, killing tens of cows and sheep, were recorded in the Commune of Batani this summer. He appreciates the bear population has escalated in the last few years, the total number being ten times higher than official statistics. Other areas of Covasna County are having problems with the bears that have attacked humans and animals in the last few years.

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