Opel marks 100 years of commercial presence on Romanian market

Germany’s Opel marks 150 years of existence this year and 100 years of commercial presence on the Romanian market, presence documented through an ad that appeared in an auto guide in 1912, informs. The book in which the ad appears was published by the Public Works Ministry and included driving directions to all of the country’s cities. In 1912, the year the book was published, Opel was celebrating its 50th anniversary and the production of its 10,000th car. Opel’s history includes numerous moments of contact with Romania in a century of uninterrupted presence on the Romanian market. One of them is the hiring of engineer Aurel Vlaicu at the plant in Russelsheim. The Romanian aviator worked for Opel in 1908 after finishing his technical studies in Budapest and Munich. The document that proves that is his medical file. In 1908 that service dedicated to employees had already been externalized by Opel to a professional supplier. The document can be found at the Aviation Museum in Bucharest, being exhibited in the section dedicated to Vlaicu.

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