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January 27, 2023

Gitenstein: U.S wants Romanian civil society to move forward on its own

U.S Ambassador to Bucharest Mark H. Gitenstein believes that Romanians will succeed in democracy on their own rather than with the help of the state and politicians. Gitenstein met representatives of civil society on Tuesday, telling them that he does not miss any meeting of this kind, having the opportunity to find out, directly from the source, what Romanians are facing, what they are preoccupied with, what hurdles are put up for them and how things can be sorted out. “There are some who believe I sit at home thinking about how to interfere in Romania’s internal affairs,” the ambassador started his speech. Gitenstein pointed out that the US wants the Romanian civil society to be involved and to move forward on its own. The event that gave the US ambassador the opportunity to present his ideas and support for the Romanian civil society was occasioned by the launch of a simple donation mechanism that gives every Romanian the chance to support a charitable cause. The system is initiated by the Association of Community Relations (ARC), one of the most active NGOs in the last 11 years.

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