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May 17, 2022

Dobritoiu: Purchase of F-16 planes, certain only when the contract will be signed

The minister of National Defence, Corneliu Dobritoiu yesterday submitted to the Defence Committee of the Senate a plan that provides the acquisition of multirole airplanes, endorsed by the Supreme Defence Council (CSAT), and the transition to the moment when the army will be equipped with 5th generation aircraft. At the end of the meeting, Dobritoiu told Mediafax that he cannot firmly confirm the purchase of F-16 multirole planes by Romania, as this will become certain only upon signing the contract. According to the minister, the negotiations will be first conducted with only one provider and suggested that talks will be held at government level, with another state of the EU. “I presented the conception of developing the air capabilities by 2030; this is a gradual conception that initially refers to an acquisition, followed by the joint operation of the MIG-21 Lancer and the aircraft that will be acquired, and a final interval during which, we hope, in other economic conditions, we will have access to a 5th generation aircraft,” Dobritoiu explained. Referring to the F-16 multirole planes, presidential advisor Iulian Fota, chief of the National Security Department considers that purchasing them is not a perfect solution, but is one “that will work.” Fota said yesterday that the decision made yesterday by the government and CSAT to purchase the airplanes will provide Romanians with the national security they need, and the Romanian Army with modern means to fulfil its missions.

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