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January 27, 2022

PM Ponta: We finally ended Dan Diaconescu “show”

Victor Ponta has instructed the minister of economy to prepare the special administration procedure, starting from today, restart of activity and all the other things necessary for a new privatisation procedure.  PM also  asked the minister to carry on talking to the heads of the plant, for a new Administration Board, as well as with the trade union leaders.

Negotiations between Dan Diaconescu and the Office for State Assets and Privatisation in Industry (OPSPI) in the matter of the privatisation of Oltchim Ramnicu Valcea have been suspended again, as the OTV owner could not produce the evidence that he had the money to pay for the shares, Mediafax informs. The negotiations between the two parties were put on hold on Saturday and Sunday, but were resumed on Monday at 9:00. On his way out of the Economy Ministry, Dan Diaconescu said the bargaining had been interrupted. Also, Dan Diaconescu’s lawyer Daniel Fenechiu said on Monday there was no obligation for Diaconescu to pay the price of the Oltchim shares on Monday and that Diaconescu’s conditions had to be edited as a separate document in order to be discussed. Asked what would happen if the privatisation agreement was not signed on Monday, Fenechiu said: ‘The agreement will be signed. Tomorrow, the day after tomorrow’.And the short theatre to be completed, Diaconescu also said yesterday afternoon that, so far, there had been no ‘real talks’ on the take-over of the Oltchim shares and that he would sue the state if he was eliminated from negotiations. He however said there had been ‘a change of situation’ and that the Minister of Economy, Daniel Chitoiu, had apologised on behalf of the Government for the accusations brought against him. In his turn, the Minister of Administration and Interior, Mircea Dusa, said that he was not on ‘Dan Diaconescu’s soap opera’ and joked about the situation saying that, if he had had any bags full of euro to transport to Oltchim, he would have asked MAI to give him special vehicles to carry them.In the meantime, Labour Minister Mariana Campeanu also made a statement, saying the Government would pay RON 1,400 representing emergency assistance to Oltchim employees only if ‘a crisis situation’ occurred, where the workers do not get paid for two-three months. The minister opined out that the Oltchim personnel had so far received their pay due for July and were going to get their August salaries soon. Campeanu noted the Labour Ministry would be able to intervene only if the Oltchim privatisation was unsuccessful and the company would probably be placed under special management. The minister also said it was not a ‘global’ aid, but just assistance targeted at those employees in situation of emergency. While the main actors engaged in the privatisation were discussing, over 500 Oltchim employees staged a new protest in front of the administration building yesterday, people waiting for ‘a negative or positive outcome of the privatisation’. The workers demand their salaries, funds for resuming work in the plant and the resignation of the trade union leader. The leaders of protesters, Corneliu Cernev, said the people were waiting for an answer regarding the privatisation, claiming money was needed for restarting the installations. He also said the temporary manager of the company, Radu Olaru, was in Bucharest ‘to obtain the disbursement of the money for August’. ‘Today (Monday – A/N) we are waiting for a negative or positive answer regarding the privatisation, if we have or have not a new company owner. We will know the answer at 24:00. If not, we will be put under special management. It has been a period of uncertainties. Beginning with tomorrow, we will know what we need to do, but my opinion is that the discussions between the two parties are irreconcilable, that’s my opinion’, Cernev also said.

Dan Diaconescu’s “secret”: Businessman Eugen Anca

Dan Diaconescu said on a TV show Sunday night that he was officially demanding PM Victor Ponta to resign, accusing him of lying about the payment of the RON 203 M within 10 days of awarding. ‘It was the first winning bid introduced by someone who has not given bribe. According to the auction documentation, it is very clear that the payment is due upon the finalisation of the privatisation, but no later than February 14, 2013, not by Monday’, Diaconescu stated. He also said there are only certain places where the money is usually paid upfront. ‘We also have the right to negotiate, this is pressure, this is blackmail done by the Government’, the PPDD leader added. And, because the ‘Sensational’ Dan Diaconescu could have not been alone in this affair, realitatea.net reports the businessman behind him, who is supposedly helping him raise the EUR 45 M necessary to pay for the Oltchim stock, is Eugen Anca and was contacted by the OTV owner a week ago. ‘He realised he had not enough money so he asked for my help. Given the very short time, I managed to obtain for him a bridge-loan for USD 91 M with which he could sign the agreement. Unfortunately, the credit document has been made public and the confidentiality condition was broken, annulling the loan. Normally, the Government should now postpone the signing of the privatisation agreement’, Eugen Anca said.


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