Some 400,000 students walk into 2012-2013 academic year

Education Minister Ecaterina Andronescu, Mayor Sorin Oprescu as well as ex-President Emil Constantinescu opened the new academic year in Bucharest.

Over 100 public and private higher education institutions opened their gates yesterday to welcome the approximately 400,000 public university students and the approximately 108,000 master degree students, the total number of first year students this year being lower than the one in 2011 because of the decrease of schooling figures combined with the poor results in the national baccalaureate exams. The Polytechnic University of Bucharest (UPB) welcomed its nearly 4,300 freshmen in its degree and master’s degree studies offered by the 15 faculties of the University in the presence of Education Minister Ecaterina Andronescu (PSD), UPB Rector Mihnea Costoiu, ex-President of Romania Emil Constantinescu and Romanian Academy Vice President Dan Berindei. ‘The most important institution in any society is the school. And I will keep repeating this loud and clear until the school is given what it deserves. Without school, none of us means anything. (…) I think the respect for any school must begin on the very first day that we walk through its gates’, Andronescu told the UPB students. A former UPB rector, the minister said she was absolutely sure that the university would always be a school of values because it had known how to promote the best people and the best projects. She also said that, from then on, degree diplomas could bear the name of the issuing university rather than the name of the Ministry of Education. ‘I deem it correct that each university should take responsibility for the education and training of its own graduates through the diplomas it issues’, the education minister said.On the other hand, the Prime Vice President of PDL, Cristian Preda, however claims Ecaterina Andronescu ‘had started the new academic year with a backlog’ and still needs to say whether or not she would withdraw PM Victor Ponta’s diploma or not. We remind that the Ethics Commission of the University of Bucharest in July decided the prime minister had committed plagiarism in his PhD thesis, a third of the paper being reproduced text ‘by integral importation of blocks of text, lines or by inversion of blocks of text in relation to the quoted source’. However, the final decision is to be made by the Ministry of Education.

I wish to help Medicine students be worthy of their profession, Oprescu says

Bucharest Mayor Sorin Oprescu said in the opening of the academic year at the ‘Carol Davila’ University of Medicine and Pharmacy on Monday that he wanted from all his heart to be able to help medial students be worthy of their profession and stay here, in the country, and work for Romanians. The mayor told the students that, although the ‘times were hard’, he didn’t want to see news run on TV news ticker saying that 13,000 Romanian doctors work abroad, saying that ‘this people also needs doctors’. ‘There are doctors and professors who have managed to do things so that the university could keep its head up. Wishing you success in the years to come, I wish you enjoy everything that the dignity of this profession means’, Oprescu also said to the audience, according to Mediafax. He also assured the students that ‘there was no other more noble profession than being a doctor’. In his turn, UMF Rector Ionel Sinescu said the beginning of the new academic year 2012-2013 marked 155 years of academic existence of the UMF of Bucharest.  President Traian Basescu also wished success to students ‘in the discovery of all those beautiful things the academic environment has to offer’. ‘The student years are an important period in the life of any young person who wishes to pursue a professional career’, said the president according to a press release posted on the website of the Presidency. In the context, Basescu said it was necessary to continue implementing the provisions of the Education Law in order to improve the performance of Romanian higher education.

Romanians and Hungarians together for the opening of UMF Targu Mures

The Rector of the Targu Mures University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Leonard Azamfirei, said ‘the problems at the universities were beginning to be solved’ and recognised the ‘positive’ signal given by the fact that Romanian and Hungarian professors and students participated together in the opening of the academic year yesterday. Last year, the Romanian and Hungarian departments organised separate opening ceremonies for the new academic year. The official opening took place at the Palace of Culture and the Hungarian department representatives held their speeches in the UMF lecture theatre. The UMF didactic Pro-rector of that time, Nagy Ors, says the Hungarian department chose to make that gesture as ‘an alarm signal’ about the situation of the University, referring to the discrimination claimed by the Hungarian political organisations. On the other hand, Prefect (at the time) Marius Pascan was saying ‘there are challenges calling to disunion and separatism’.

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