PDL’s Education motion rejected

The Lower Chamber turned down the simple motion with 153 votes against, 67 in favor and 10 abstentions.

PDL was asking for professional baccalaureate not to be introduced this year, for professional education to continue as introduced in 2012 and for the national education law to be applied in what concerns technological education baccalaureate. Likewise, the Democrat-Liberals were asking Education Minister Ecaterina Andronescu to rescind Premier Victor Ponta’s doctoral diploma and to ban him for at least five years from teaching within the tertiary system. PDL asked the Education Minister and the Premier, who “are guilty of the education system’s situation,” to resign. Present at the debates, Education Minister Andronescu stated that the introduction of the professional baccalaureate is a solution meant to enhance professional competencies and a chance to integrate the labor market, thus rejecting the criticism. The minister also rejected the accusation that she politicized the education system, another issue mentioned in the motion, pointing out that she came up with the proposal for school principals to be elected by teachers’ councils but PDL opposed it. Referring to the introduction of the preparatory class, Andronescu stated that the ministry estimated that children signed up for the preparatory class will fill up approximately 6,000 classrooms, pointing out that in reality the number of classrooms stands at 8,700. Consequently, the ministry vehemently criticized the PDL government for the decision to introduce the preparatory class without conducting impact studies and in the absence of necessary classrooms, teaching materials and trained teachers. Andronescu also stated that the former PDL-backed Education Minister Daniel Funeriu approved 140,000 diplomas at a university. Likewise, the Education Minister added that PDL’s no-confidence motion is a political initiative with clear targets, opining that the Democrat-Liberals are angry with the fact that Premier Victor Ponta “is of a different value than PDL Premiers.”Referring to the request to rescind Premier Victor Ponta’s doctoral thesis, Andronescu pointed out that as a minister she did nothing but respect the law.

PDL: “Chaos” cannot continue

PDL MP Doinita Chircu told the Education Minister yesterday, during the debates, that the “chaos” in the education system can no longer continue. She pointed out that Andronescu’s attitude and decisions are hostile towards the education system and its needs. “You are lying by omission, you are misinforming, you are supporting intellectual theft, you are encouraging incompetence, you are sacrificing children for the sake of votes obtained by PSD. As a minister you are a symbiosis between capability and incapability. You can do anything, anytime, anywhere when electoral interest is concerned,” Chircu added. The PDL MP accused Andronescu of seeking to cancel during her current term in office what was done during her predecessor’s term in office. Also yesterday, former Education Minister Daniel Funeriu stated that the only possible answer from Andronescu is to reshuffle Victor Ponta “by rescinding the doctoral diploma he obtained through theft, just as the Bucharest University is asking.”


USL: PDL’s motion is deceitful

The Education Minister was not the only one to answer PDL’s attacks. Thus, PSD MP Cristian Dumitrescu stated that former minister Daniel Funeriu is the weakest minister, pointing out that he managed to compromise the education pact and the law he promoted pushed the education system into bankruptcy. PSD MP Catalin Croitoru stated that at first he believed the Democrat-Liberals’ intention to file a no-confidence motion on this issue to be a joke, pointing out that the document should have been titled “How can some more loudly express their nerve and hypocrisy.” PNL MP Eugen Nicolaescu protested against the PDL motion too. He stated that PDL’s motion is incoherent, incorrect, insidious, unserious and deceitful, being of the opinion that it would be normal for it to be rejected. “The motion should have been addressed to your former government and to Minister Funeriu, because you refer to the way in which he erroneously conceived this law and failed to implement it, he left everything on the Ponta Government’s shoulders,” Nicolaescu stated. He pointed out that the PDL initiative of filing a simple motion on the education system is funny since the Democrat-Liberals know their failures, are aware of them, but they do not admit them and want to place them on the Ponta Government’s shoulders.

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