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May 12, 2021

CSAT document made public by the PM

At the start of the government meeting Premier Victor Ponta read to the ministers fragments from the Presidency’s “Megaministry” draft proposed during the latest Supreme Defence Council (CSAT) meeting, reiterating that he will not accept other institutions taking over the government’s and ministries’ prerogatives. According to the Premier, the document proposed that “internal sources coordinated by a new institutional entity within the Presidential Administration, dubbed the “Public Diplomacy Office,” should permanently inform the European media about developments in Romania.” “This office is set up within the Presidential Administration, is coordinated by a Presidential aide and is fulfilling its tasks by coordinating and collaborating with institutions such as the Foreign Affairs Ministry, the Internal Affairs Ministry, the public television channel and the public radio station,” Ponta stated for Mediafax. The Premier pointed out that he sought the advice of legal experts, the conclusion being that he does nothing illegal by reading the document presented within the CSAT meeting. “I saw a Presidential aide (Cristian Diaconescu) stating that the document does not exist but he was the one who wrote it. Rest assured that things will remain as stipulated by the Constitution,” Ponta told the members of his government, adding that they are held accountable to the law and the Parliament only, not to any other institutions, irrespective “of the desires and frustrations of some of those who, no longer having ministers, would like to be arch-ministers somewhere else.” We remind our readers that Victor Ponta left the CSAT meeting last Thursday just 30-40 minutes after it started. Ponta stated that he resorted to that gesture because he did not accept documents that referred, for example, to the creation of the “Presidential Administration’s Megaministry of Foreign Affairs,” being included on the agenda of the meeting, an agenda that he had received just the day before.

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