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May 6, 2021

Ponta: PDL, forced to govern with PP-DD if USL gets less than 50 pc of votes

The Premier added that Diaconescu would not have bought Oltchim had the judiciary worked and that Diaconescu will not be questioned before the elections.


Premier Victor Ponta warned the Democrat-Liberals on Wednesday evening that PDL will be forced to govern along with Dan Diaconescu’s party (PP-DD) if USL wins less than 50 per cent of the votes in the general elections scheduled in December. “PDL will be forced to govern with Dan Diaconescu, otherwise their majority won’t add up. Why doesn’t PDL say this, is it ashamed?” Ponta stated on Realitatea TV. At the same time he claimed that PDL is leaderless, Vasile Blaga, the party’s current president, being a man of the past. The PSD President warned that Dan Diaconescu would not have been able to take part in Oltchim’s privatisation had the Romanian judiciary worked, opining that before the elections Dan Diaconescu will not be asked to explain the false documents he presented to state authorities.“Things could have been different. Diaconescu was previously arrested, he has a lot of files pending. Had we had a functioning judiciary then Mr. Diaconescu probably would not have been able to take part in the tender. In any country the day after it is proven you used false bank documents you are investigated and held to account. Mr. Diaconescu was so relaxed, he thinks he has immunity, that nobody asked him anything; allow me to speculate that nobody will ask him about the false documents before the elections. (…) But maybe I’m wrong and I’ll apologize to the interim attorney general and the penal investigation will start tomorrow or the day after tomorrow,” Ponta stated. He claimed once again that PDL’s political interests were involved in the Oltchim case. The Office for State Participations and Privatization in Industry (OPSPI) notified the prosecutor’s office on Wednesday, accusing Dan Diaconescu of forgery and for unlawfully winning the Oltchim tender. Two weeks ago Dan Diaconescu won the tender for 54.8 per cent of Oltchim shares after he offered RON 203 M (EUR 45 M) for the shares owned by the state. The contract was not signed however since Dan Diaconescu did not prove that he has the money with which to pay the shares. Draft law on pardoning, not approved by PremierPSD President Victor Ponta claims that the draft authored by PSD MP Madalin Voicu and by Nicolae Paun, Chairman of the Lower Chamber’s Human Rights Commission, a draft that stipulates the pardoning of all convicts with 6-year sentences, lacks his approval but added at the same time that Romania is very close to being condemned at the ECHR for having overcrowded penitentiaries. “I disagree with this draft. Madalin Voicu is a special, nice character, but I believe he is losing the votes of those that don’t have relatives in jail,” Ponta stated on Realitatea TV. Nevertheless, he added that Romania is close to being condemned at the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) for having overcrowded penitentiaries. On the other hand, PDL MEP Monica Macovei, one of Ponta’s political opponents, stated when referring to the pardoning draft that “if USL cannot clean itself of the corrupt it cleans the corrupt of their sentences.” According to the aforementioned draft, filed within the Lower Chamber, sentences of up to 6 years in prison, sentences of deprivation of freedom of up to 4 years, as well as fines could be pardoned. The draft authored by PSD MP Madalin Voicu and Nicolae Paun, Chairman of the Human Rights Commission, is titled “Law on the pardoning of crimes and punishments.” The draft also stipulates the pardoning of under-age children sent to special labor and reeducation schools. PSD MP Madalin Voicu stated on Tuesday that the draft was discussed within USL and PSD, enjoying political support, and pointed out that he did not have Adrian Nastase in mind when he came up with it.

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