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June 25, 2022

ARD and USL, tensions before finalisation of electoral lists

Both alliances have entered the last leg regarding the designation of candidates in the legislative election on December 9 and tension is not missing on either side.

The National Political Bureau of PDL has decided to hold a National Steering College meeting on Thursday to finalise ARD electoral lists. PDL First Vice President Cezar Preda said there were no issues regarding the PDL candidates but that ‘candidacies were not 100 per cent harmonised with the entire ARD bloc’.  Before Thursday, every organisation president is supposed to present their final options to the Steering College. According to Preda, the candidacies will be analysed by the ethics commission and the president of the party has asked that organisations should only short list candidates that meet the requirements set forth by the commission in order not to create additional issues. Asked if Elena Udrea and Roberta Anastase would be on the lists, Preda answered that, as far as he was concerned, they had no problem at all. ‘I have no capacity to evaluate if they should submit their candidacies or not. As far as I am concerned, they have no problem, but maybe the commission doesn’t feel this way,’ Cezar Preda also said. Sources from the ARD Ethics Commission are quoted by ‘Evenimentul zilei’ daily as saying that Commission President Monica Macovei doesn’t want ex-Tourism Minister Elena Udrea to run for a new seat in the Chamber of Deputies. The sources note the only reason why Macovei has adopted that position is ‘the personal aversion to Elena Udrea’. The former tourism minister has received these last few days offers from several county organisations of her party (Suceava, Harghita, Neamt) to be their candidate. Udrea has not made up her mind, but thanked everyone who had offered her an electoral district to run in. Yesterday, PDL Senator Mihail Hardau, President of the Education Committee in the Senate, said he did not want to run for a new term as MP and that he had not submitted his application in any single member constituency for the election on December 9. He said he would stick to his opinion that, in District number 1 Cluj Napoca a PDL member ‘who has participated and contributed to the construction of the municipal and county organisation in Cluj’ should normally be a candidate. On the other hand, asked about the PNL ’surprises’ regarding its candidates in the parliamentary election, President Crin Antonescu said there would be many people known to the public. He said former journalist and ex-director of ‘Ziua’ daily Sorin Rosca Stanescu and historian Vlad Nistor, director of the Romanian Diplomatic Institute, could be candidates in the parliamentary election. About a possible candidacy of ex-PNL MP Adriana Saftoiu, the Liberal leader excluded it. Antonescu also announced yesterday that ex-PM Calin Popescu Tariceanu would run in a district in District 1 in Bucharest and PC would receive in exchange a constituency in District 2. He also stressed that MPs in office would be supported for a new term in the Romanian Parliament, saying there were no reasons for anyone to be dropped. Asked by the press what he thought about the idea to launch USL candidates in an event organised on the National Arena on October 17, Antonescu said he personally liked stadiums and that the event could not resemble a communist rally. He also said the EPP delegates were welcome to see the USL display of forces as the EPP congress will be taking place simultaneously with the Union’s candidate launching event.  PSD President Victor Ponta in turn said after the National Political Bureau meeting yesterday that there was no debate on Catalin Voicu’s candidacy on behalf of USL. He also noted that he would announce the names of all candidates on Wednesday, when the applications are received from the organisations in the country.As far as Mircea Geoana’s candidacy is concerned, Ponta said he had talked to him and he would be USL’s candidate for the Senate.

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