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October 28, 2020

PM Ponta claims he has inherited 15 time bombs from PDL

PDL snaps back, pointing out that corruption allegations have to be accompanied by arguments and proof and that Ponta talks “nonsense” and “absurdities.”

Premier Victor Ponta denounced, in a press conference, the “15 time bombs” that the government inherited from the PDL government, the Oltchim plant, the Romanian Post Office, Hidroelectrica, the farm subsidies, the underfinanced hospitals and the heating problems that large cities are facing being some of them. “These are the 15 time bombs we inherited, which we dealt with during these five months in office. I know PDL wanted to present a review and I thought I should lend them a hand, reminding them what they destroyed, what they stole and what they broke in this country and I can say that through work and important efforts that we are all making, not just those in office, we are trying to remove as much as possible the effects of the PDL government’s actions,” the Premier stated in a press conference at the PSD headquarters. In reply, PDL First Vice President Cezar Preda criticized Ponta, pointing out that corruption allegations should be accompanied by arguments and proof and added that Ponta talked “nonsense” and “absurdities.” Preda pointed out that evidence has to be brought forward when one accuses various state institutions of corruption. According to Preda, Hidroelectrica was registering profit and Victor Ponta “forced it into insolvency,” while the Oltchim plant was operational during the Boc and Ungureanu Governments yet Ponta did not go out of his way to support it and “is driving it towards bankruptcy.” “The same will happen to the Romanian Post Office because the interests of the PSD clan are significant,” Preda added.

The Premier posted on his personal blog the aforementioned “15 time bombs,” the list also including the problems registered at the National Fiscal Administration Agency, the claw-back tax issue, the completely unfinanced army, the understaffed police, dubious tenders of approximately RON 100 M for various IT procurements (CNAS), the public television channel’s debts, the auto tax (RON 400 M illegally taken from drivers, a sum that has to be paid back), the blocking of the POSDRU programme and of other regional and sectoral operational programmes on account of serious deficiencies registered in 2010-2011, the cutting of the indemnity for mothers, the implementation of juridical codes in the absence of budgeted sums, the underfinanced education system. “The list can go on. There are many projects we are working on, which show how great the need of change for the better is. And that against the backdrop of the biggest time bomb of all – a recession that PDL bequeathed and that has hit budget revenues and the people’s confidence in the future – USL has taken over an economy in recession and has taken it back to growth in a matter of months,” Ponta wrote on his blog.

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