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September 30, 2020

Spontaneous protest at TVR – employees, revolted by collective layoffs

500 employees of the Public Television protested yesterday in front of the institution, over a job-restructuring decision. They also complain about how evaluations are done and the criteria used for layoffs.

Approximately 500 employees of SRTv gathered yesterday morning in front of the institution, to protest against collective layoffs in TVR that will cut 872 jobs. According to Mediafax, the representatives of the Trade Union for the Unity of TV Employees of TVR – SPUS TV (the representative trade union of TVR) said that the action was spontaneous and was launched after the management of the Romanian Television Company (SRTv) posted on the internal site of the institution, Saturday night, the commissions that will evaluate the employees of TVR in view of enforcing the restructuring plan.“Our protest is not necessarily directed at these committees, but at how this restructuring was conceived. We have a restructuring project, but they did not take it into consideration, nor did they care about our point of view,” SPUS TV representatives said.They added that, during negotiations with the TVR administration, the trade union demanded that the number of jobs to be scrapped should be lower than the number approved by the Board on August 28, but the management only accepted 55 jobs more than the initial personnel chart. The new chart contains 2,395 jobs, so a total 872 jobs will be scrapped, compared to the 962 that were proposed initially.The crowd that rallied yesterday in front of TVR demanded the resignation of the president and CEO Claudiu Saftoiu, threatening that it will not give up and accept the collective layoff. According to Mediafax, protests also took place yesterday in Timisoara, Targu Mures and Craiova.“We publicly demand the interruption of this restructuring process, the way it is conceived now and managed by the current managers. We see these managers as having no legitimacy, because it is known what happened with the Constitutional Court, which ruled that the way the current Board was formed did not observe the provisions of Law 41. There are people that rally not just because they are afraid for their future, but they also do not understand why employees must pay for the management errors that occurred in TVR over the last decade. In fact, we must pay for the mistakes and thefts committed by others,” Dragos Bocanaciu, president of SPUS TV, said on Romania TV. Bocanaciu also referred to the evaluation requests which TVR employees are forced to sign. “This is a request by which a prisoner sentenced to death agrees (taking) the bullet. The respective document clearly mentions that the signatory agrees with the regulation of the selection process in view of the collective layoff and certifies that he was informed about the regulation. It is unacceptable to request someone to agree being laid off,” Bocanaciu added.

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