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December 9, 2022

Activity slowdown on the construction sites of motorways

The activity on the construction sites of motorways financed with European money, like Orastie-Sibiu or Nadlac-Arad (lot 2), which was advancing at a fast pace (maximum 10 pc a month), has slowed to 1-2 pc during August 1 – September 1, according to zf.ro. The 10 most important sites advanced by 4.4 pc in average during the aforementioned interval, when construction works should have moved forward at a steady pace, given the good weather, finds a ZF analysis of the data provided by the Romanian Company of Motorways and National Roads (CNADNR).The most important advance of the last summer month was registered – same as during the previous months – by the first lot (9.5 km) of the Timisoara-Lugoj motorway: over 14 pc. This segment should be ready in several days, according to Spedition UMB, one of the contractor companies. At the opposite end, on the other motorway segments made with European funds along Pan-European Corridor IV, the pace of works has decreased during the last summer month. The list of sites affected by the slowdown includes Suplacu de Barcau-Bors, the last segment of the Transilvania motorway still being built by the Americans of Bechtel. The motorway advanced by 0.13 pc in August and by less than 1 pc during 2012. Yet, Bechtel continued to receive overdue payments worth at least EUR 80 M this year, so at September 1 the Americans were paid EUR 268 M out of the EUR 527 M provided by the contract for the construction of Suplacu de Barcau-Bors.

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