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September 25, 2021

Hundreds of TVR employees stage protest for second consecutive day

At the same time, the former head of the public television attacks Claudiu Saftoiu over his management of TVR restructuring.

Several hundred employees of the Romanian Television Company (SRTv) gathered in the yard of the institution again yesterday at around 10 am for a protest against the lay-offs at TVR, the result of which will be the termination of 872 jobs. The representatives of the Union for the Unity of TV Employees of TVR – SPUS TV (the representative TVR labour union – A/N) told Mediafax that what had happened yesterday and the day before yesterday was a spontaneous protest. SPUS TV representatives also say that, like the previous day, the workers in the TVR territorial studios also protest the lay-offs. Yesterday, the union members were going to file a claim in court challenging the lay-off process, SPUS TV officials also said.The time-table for the selection of TVR employees to be laid-off has been postponed, with the TVR management deciding together with the representatives of the workers on Monday to re-assess the selection documents which had generated dissatisfaction among the employees, being misinterpreted. Contacted by Mediafax on Monday, Claudiu Saftoiu said the protests of the employees were ‘justified’, ‘given the fact that, in the haste and under the pressure’ imposed by the requirement to stick to the time table under Government Emergency Ordinance of June 27, some of the documents posted on the TVR intranet ‘contained possible inconsistencies and interpretable phrasing that generated the dissatisfaction of the employees’.

Nicolau: Saftoiu is the TVR gravedigger

The former head of the public television station, Valentin Nicolau, attacks Claudiu Saftoiu over the way in which he orchestrates the restructuring of TVR. ‘I saw Elwis C. Saftoiu desperate to come out and communicate facts, actually just to make a fool of himself yet again. From his Euronews mumbo-jumbo to the embarrassing interviews he gave to Hotnews and Antena3 TV – it was all a mixture of lies and fanfaronade. The delirium of the TVR gravedigger is the result of the fever the violent incompetent gets because of his own imposture, an imposture that begins to cause one disaster after another. Not knowing the history of the public television and not understanding the way it operates, Elwis C. Saftoiu has offended TVR professionals, a very unfair thing to do to many of those workers whose only fault is that they are managed by someone like Elwis C. Saftoiu,’ Valentin Nicolau writes on his blog.

Antonescu: Claudiu Saftoiu remains PNL nomination for SRTv

Although Saftoiu is being blamed for the chaos created at TVR, Senate Speaker Crin Antonescu said, on Monday, that all the members of the SRTv Board would be interviewed again ‘so that there are no more discussions’ and also said PNL’s nomination was still Caludiu Saftoiu. On the other hand, PDL Vice President Radu F. Alexandru yesterday asked PNL leader Crin Antonescu to ‘urgently withdraw’ Claudiu Saftoiu from the list of proposals for the new Board of Directors of TVR, noting that PDL would vote against Saftoiu’s re-election as head of the institution.Radu F. Alexandru told a press conference that PDL would support the candidacies of Radu carp and Ada Mesesan for the new TVR Board. He said Saftoiu was Crin Antonescu’s ‘submissive servant’ and added that, if Valentin Nicolau gathered enough votes to become the general manager of TVR, PDL might support him. The Parliament was set to sit in plenary session yesterday to vote on the new Board of SRTv which was going to contain two representatives designated by PDL.





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