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October 21, 2020

Mitt Romney: US foreign policy ‘must change course’

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney has called for a “change of course” in the Middle East, criticising US President Obama on foreign policy, BBC informs.Speaking in Virginia, he lambasted the White House over an attack in Libya that killed the US ambassador. He said he would put Iran “on notice” over its nuclear plans, and called for arms to go to Syrian rebels.With four weeks to go before the election, polls show Mr Obama retains a foreign policy lead over his rival. But Mr Romney’s poll ratings have improved since the candidates met on Wednesday for their first face-to-face debate, on the US economy. Mr Obama was widely seen as having lost the debate after a hesitant performance in Denver. Their vice-presidential running mates Joe Biden and Paul Ryan will debate on Thursday. The results of a The Pew Research Center poll taken after Wednesday’s debate showed Mr Romney tied with Mr Obama at 46% among registered voters. But the former Massachusetts governor moved ahead for the first time among unregistered voters – scoring a 49% lead over the president’s 45%.

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