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July 31, 2021

Daniel Morar happy with his six-year activity at DNA

The interim prosecutor general praised himself for the 11 state officials sentenced for corruption during his term of office.

Daniel Morar, the interim prosecutor general and former chief prosecutor of the National Anti-Corruption Directorate (DNA) made public the summary of his six year term as head of the institution.Morar pointed out that after 2006, the DNA activity improved significantly. “No longer have been built with predilection cases on CEC page frauds. Year 2006 saw the first MP put on trial. We can say that now, the DNA is a mature institution,” the caretaker prosecutor general said.Morar made the point that half of those sentenced during his term held important state positions. “During this period, there have been sentenced 11   11 dignitaries, among whom a former premier. There have been sentenced 24 magistrates, 50 state company directors, as well as 60 more persons in leadership positions in public institutions,? Morar also saidDaniel Morar mentioned that those sentenced include a senator, three deputies and two former ministers, who are yet awaiting definitive sentences being handed down. „DNA is the only institutions that investigates frauds involving EU funds. There have been investigated over 400 people who incurred total damages of 36 M euro, and among those, 127 have been sentenced, Morar explained, who mentioned that since 2005, there have been put on trial  over 4.700 de people and 48 juristic persons.Morar pointed out that during 2006-2012, the courts handed down definitive verdicts to 90 pc of those brought to trial by DNA prosecutors, which stands proof to the quality of the criminal investigations and the validity of investigator evidence.Referring to the definitive sentences, Morar said that a change in pace has been noticed since 2011, in the sense that the number of definitively sentenced persons in corruption cases  significantly exceeded those in the five previous years combined, namely 2006-2010. Also, over the past couple of years, prison sentences have been passed in 33 pc of the cases. During Jan-Sept of this year, the courts issued definitive sentences to a number of defendants almost double that last year, 552, from 298 in 2011, and 154 in 2010 respectively. Morar also explained the types of crimes for which definitive sentences were passed, showing that ministers and state secretaries were indicted for appropriating ministerial funds or for changing the destination of the funds or hiring various people.  Referring to lawmakers, Morar said they have been sentenced for interceding with public institutions – ministries, courts, police  – with the goal of illegal solutions to various issues or for illegal financing of political parties.   The mayors, deputy mayors, chairmen and deputy chairmen of county councils have been charged with rigging public tenders, influence peddling, undervaluing goods in commercial transactions (sale, forced execution orders), embezzling of EU funds or illegal restitution of buildings.  The magistrates and police officers indicted by the DNA got definitive sentences for issuing decision in favor of persons who bribed them or engaged I influence peddling interceding with their fellow magistrates and police officers on behalf of bribe payers.Daniel Morar concluded as follows: „It remains to be seen whether the DNA evolution is irreversible. This will depend a great deal on the new chief prosecutor of the DNA. If the new chief understands to keep the institution far from the politic factor, then things will go forward”.

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