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September 18, 2021

EU Absorption rate increased only by 0.01 pc in September

The real absorption rate of structural and cohesion funds was of only 0.01 pc in September, as the European Commission refunded little over EUR 1 M to Romania, with payments being blocked for the main five operational programmes. According to figures released by MAEur on September 30 the real absorption rate of structural and cohesion funds available through the seven operational programmes advanced to 9.70 pc from 9.69 pc at August 30, as the level of direct payments made by the European Commission in the aforementioned month increased only by EUR 1.19 M. At the beginning of July, the European Commission interrupted its payments to four operational programmes – transport, environment, regional and competitiveness increase – while POSDRU entered pre-suspension procedure early in August. Presently, authorities expect for October the decisions of the Commission regarding the financial corrections that must be made to the four programmes and, respectively, the suspension or resuming the payments on axes belonging to the four programmes, while in the case of POSDRU the resuming of payments could be decided by the European Commission only in December.

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