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February 9, 2023

Social benefits for some 500 Oltchim employees

The Government decided on Wednesday to pay social welfare to approximately 500 Oltchim employees, official sources told Mediafax. Oltchim, however, has a total of 3,353 employees. Three weeks ago, the Government decided to give Oltchim employees emergency benefits worth RON 1,400 each, disbursed in two instalments, from the Labour Ministry funds, in order to prevent further social difficulties. The Government is also considering setting up a new company for Oltchim, through which it could provide funds for the suppliers and for restarting the plant as well as money for paying the employees, government sources said. In the meantime, the Dan Diaconescu filed a complaint in the Bucharest Tribunal against the Ministry of Economy and OPSPI, asking for the cancellation of the decision to cancel the tender award. Dan Diaconescu said his solicitors from abroad had advised him to claim damages of EUR 2 bn damages, but his local lawyers had thought about a smaller amount. Diaconescu noted the damages would not be claimed from the state, but rather from individuals such as Victor Ponta, Remus Vulpescu and the other people who had allegedly wronged him. He also said his solicitors were going to claim the freezing of those people’s assets and that the damages he would obtain would also be fed into

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