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October 4, 2022

The candidates for parliamentary elections, about to start the race

With a tough battle ahead, there are already hints that some parties will merge: will PNG join forces with PNL?

The deadlines set by parties for completing the lists of candidates for the parliamentary elections are closing. USL announced that it will submit its lists of candidates by October 17, while the Right Romania Alliance (ARD) will do the same on october 15, in order to have all things settled before the EPP congres, due for october 17 in Bucharest. Meanwhile, parties announce the most surprising moves. The New Generation Party (PNG), led by MEP George Becali, contemplates the idea of merging with PNL, as the leader of the party announced Wednesday evening. He said that he met PNL President Crin Antonescu few days ago and proposed him a merger with PNG; he will remain a regular mmber of PNL, but wants to be supported for a new mandate in the European Parliament. Becali promised Antonescu to support the Liberals with his 2-3 percent points of the electorate, but the PNL leader said that he cannot answer him immediately and this will have to wait approximately a week. In his attempt to merge with PNL, Becali also promised to contribute EUR 10 M to Crin Antonescu’s campaign, in the next presidential elections. Asked about what constituency he would choose to run for in the December elections, Becali answered that he is not interested by the parliamentary elections.The Liberals do not seem enthusiastic about the idea of merging with PNG. The minister of Culture, Puiu Hasotti said yesterday on RFI that he does not support the idea of the merger, and a decision with this regard should be made after elections. In his turn, PNL vice-president Mircea Diaconu is less than enthusiastic with the idea and does not like the idea of George Becali joining the party, because he does favour “any kind of cocktail” in politics. Another opponent of the proposed merger is PNL vice-president Relu Fenechiu, who said that the matter has not been submitted to debate by the party leading structures. Furthermore, Fenechiu says that the money promised by the businessman is no convincing argument for such a decision.On the other hand, politologist Daniel Barbu, former presidential advisor of Crin Antonescu during his short interim term at Cotroceni will run in the parliamentary elections on nehalf of PNL. Barbu said that the decision is made and he will discuss with the Liberals whether he will run for the Senate or the Chamber of Deputies, and in what constituency. Along with Vlad Nistor, Daniel Barbu is the second name of the academic world whom the Bucharest branch of PNL wants to promote in Parliament.

Blaga: General elections lists finalized

PDL President Vasile Blaga stated on Wednesday that the party’s lists of candidates for the general elections are already finalized and will be discussed within the Directing College, pointing out that they contain over 450 candidates and that Mihail Neamtu, the leader of the New Republic, will run on behalf of the Right Romania Alliance (ARD). According to ARD sources, Mihail Neamtu and the rest of the New Republic candidates – including Stefan Vlaston apparently – have joined PNTCD in order to be able to run on behalf of the alliance. PNTCD will have a total of 20 candidates on the ARD lists, the same sources pointed out for Mediafax. The New Republic was unable to sign the protocol that created the ARD, an alliance that includes PDL, the Civic Force and PNTCD, because the party’s registration was attacked in court. Blaga added that in case ARD wins the elections it will decide who the Premier will be and he did not rule out the possibility that he or one of his PDL colleagues will hold that office. Former Premier Mihai Razvan Ungureanu has decided where he will run, announcing yesterday that he chose Senatorial college number 1 in Arad. Former Foreign Minister Teodor Baconschi will run on behalf of PDL in the Copou-Iasi electoral college, pointing out that he “is not obsessed with the MP culture” and that “Parliament looks good enough without me too.” The responsibility for the nominations belongs exclusively to the parties making up the alliance, the alliance’s Ethics Commission set to verify whether they took into account the integrity criteria, Monica Macovei stated.


MPs left out seek party for support

The current MPs that did not make it on the general elections lists of their own parties are now searching for places on the lists of other parties. That is how former PDL MP Monica Iacob Ridzi found herself without a party ahead of the general elections. Ridzi is in advanced talks with Dan Diaconescu’s PP-DD. Silviu Prigoana is in a similar situation. After leaving PDL, Prigoana hoped to quickly find a party that would place him on its general elections lists. That did not happen. Prigoana however states that he still has time. MP Mugurel Surupaceanu is in the same situation. Struck off from PSD’s lists, Surupaceanu still wants to run for an MP seat and is looking for a party. Tudor Ciuhodaru (UNPR) has problems too, being at risk of losing his party’s nomination since PSD Iasi is against it. Consequently, Ciuhodaru is looking for a party too, extending feelers to the green party. Referring to those that want to run for office but do not know on behalf of which party, PNL Vice President Varujan Vosganian wrote on his blog that the disgruntled USL members that cannot find themselves on the general elections lists will leave USL in order to join the lists of PP-DD, with the “discrete” agreement of returning after the elections, pointing out that such a “maneuver” is suicidal for USL.

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